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Not only did I see it, I bought it.
Eidos stuff next level
Greg, Valstar this season?
Ed, Outside of Massdrop, can anyone choose one of the swatches that didn't make the cut and have it made separately through you -- at full price, of course?
Count me in.
FYI, listed under Ready Made. http://bntailorstore.com/shop/item.php?it_id=1432978076
Has anyone ordered an RTW item from the store? I am interested in a linen field coat but wonder how it goes if you have questions. Given the language barriers, are they responsive?
Brown basketweave cardigan, available at Haberdash, also very nice. Now how about that green cardigan with the duffle treatment? Where might that be available, Nick?
Now about ghillies ...
Same dilemma. Great lounge piece. Tried it on, had it in my hand, but decided that I wouldn't wear it enough. Comforted myself with Buttero, Eidos Field, and Inis linen crew.
New Posts  All Forums: