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I am mulling the purchase of these lizard bals from Unipair. Typically I wouldn't buy exotics, as I normally find them too gaudy. However, these appear to be rather sedate, and different from anything I own. While I wonder what I'd wear them with, at this point I own enough shoes where I'd only use these as an occasional change of pace. Thoughts?
Good tip. Just lost my umbrella and needed another one. Kopped.
I'm reviving this thread because I'm mulling the purchase of these Carminas in lizard. I have enough shoes that I wouldn't have to wear these that often, just as an occasional change of pace. Though it is hard to tell from a photo, they don't seem garish. What is your opinion of shoes in lizard and this particular shoe? http://unipairstore.com/shop/data/goods/1387796155000_l_0.jpg
To buy, try Panta Clothing.
Unbel, I hope you will write about Jamieson. They are a bit elusive. Their stuff is hard to find, particularly in smaller sizes. Any information about availability would be much appreciated.
This thread has risen. Thanks, minister.
Not true about sleeveless. FYI, Will at A Suitable Wardrobe offered a sweater vest a year or two ago. I tried to copy and paste image but didn't take.
Raincoat looks fabulous.
I've heard December or early next year.
ETA is December or early next year.
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