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Thank you for that information
I want to return a pair of shoes to Skoak. Cost is through the roof. Tried FEDX, UPS, DHL. Lowest quote is $150, about one-third of the value of the shoes. I can't be the first person to return merchandise to them from the U.S. Are there other options? I know that there's always USPS, but it takes forever and shoes might arrive past the three week period I now have left for returns.
More variety in shoes. Many people were disappointed, including me, in Skoak's take up of John Lobb. Zonkey Boot would be a welcome addition (not that readily available), or maybe a Japanese shoemaker, since Greg already works with Japanese makers. Volume would not be as big an issue for NMWA.
Love those. Got me thinkin'.
The White and Gray Eidos Seersucker FJ is a good call. Less predictable than blue and white. I, however, went Olive.
LA Guy, I'm a 38 and take a medium in SNS stuff - normally. A crewneck was too tight in that size. You say true to size on these. Did you ask for certain specifications or is this their usual run? My experience, as I'm sure for many of us, is that these run small. I'm interested in the first item.
How about that Eidos Field Jacket? Is that coming soon, too?
I didn't know Castro does Pitti.
Crow-eating time. Said tailor is making a sport coat for me and is using darts. Just spoke with him. I totally misunderstood our conversation.
My tailor, an old-school American guy, does not use darts. Are they a stylistic preference or is there a definitive reason for them relative to fit?
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