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I didn't know Castro does Pitti.
Crow-eating time. Said tailor is making a sport coat for me and is using darts. Just spoke with him. I totally misunderstood our conversation.
My tailor, an old-school American guy, does not use darts. Are they a stylistic preference or is there a definitive reason for them relative to fit?
More Jamieson melange coloration crews for which it is famous and fewer Fair Isles. Also, it would be great to fill the void left by the departure of Mazzarelli. Those shirts fit some of us perfectly.
Lovely cloth, Braddock. What is it?
I agree with the sentiment that this is a good opportunity to put together group buys for stuff not readily available in the U.S. Japanese shoes come to mind. I know that is complicated, given sizing and a bunch of other factors. But the Japanese shoe thread has whetted our appetites and I would think that there would be lots of interest.
Is the one you linked to at the top of this thread the second one above? Trying to visualize how these translate.
Thank you
A little more sizing guidance would be good.
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