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Seth Rogen?
Outerwear too?
Nick, Can you give us a broad idea of what will be available?
I'll try to oblige next week.
Now I don't feel so bad that I cut one off of my Riders Coat because I thought it was part of the tag.
I'm on the fence about Ghillies but I hopped over for these. Really great.
From what I've seen, three would suit you.
Sotiris, Feel yeah. I have purchased three outerwear pieces this season. So many more on my wish list (in my head). I'll name names: Monitaly Mountain Parka; either of the Monitaly Shawl Belted Field Coats; Valstar Burgundy Suede and Dark Taupe Suede; TS(s) DB "needle punch" plaid; any of the Eidos overcoats; Geller Puffer; Big John Gray Denim; SS Algae. All I need to do is find a treasure chest in my house filled with several thousand dollars.
Thanks. Sounds like his personal address but I have no recourse.
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