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SMU brown shell Jefferson 2.0's arrived today. The shell is in great condition, and the craftsmanship appears to be excellent. Too early to make any assessments on 201 last fit versus the 65, but no complaints either. The Independence lining feels smooth as butter:
They've been quite good in notifying me when I put something on a dream list, etc. Unlike Alden of Carmel that on more than one occasion has claimed ignorance of any pending or future special runs.
AOM's #8 Tankers with antique edge and welt: I already know these are going to be one of my favorites.
#8 wingtip boots on commando today; courtesy of Alden Madison:
😜 Edit: Sorry for the poor lighting
I got the 10.5E's! Sorry 403's, maybe next time.
Maiden voyage of the Aberdeen lasted NST's in #8 from Alden of NY on Madison. Found these in stock in an improbable size 10.5. EE:
I ended up ordering regular 403's. Alden of Madison didn't have my size in commando soled 403's anyway and I wasn't looking for a 6-month wait.I'm still not completely convinced though; I may just stick to my 404's if I'm not completely sold on the 403's when they come in.
What are the thoughts on the neocork sole? I already have Indys in Kudu on full lug soles, and have been going back and forth on getting a another boot. Thinking about Indy 403 on neocork versus 403C's on commando. I do have #8 wingtip boots on commando but also wanted to poll people's opinions on the neocork, especially in inclement weather, comfort, and any observed differences in sole longevity.
Perhaps my feet were more swollen than usual yesterday morning; I tried them on again after work and thy felt much better.I'm surprised you think EE width Aberdeen would be a limited market; since it is a very narrow last I would think the wider widths would be in more demand.
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