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Frustrating QC. Ordered Patriots a few weeks back to try for sizing; I've outgrown my old Patriot size. One of the pairs, in cordovan no less, was was missing its heel pads. First quality shoes. Obviously I returned them. Fast forward to today. I received some cordovan Leeds that I ordered from my local store. On one of the shoes, the eyelets are misaligned. A month ago I returned another pair of Leeds, because both pairs of shoes had misaligned eyelets. On the...
This is going to be an unipolar opinion, but to me creasing like that is indicative of someone who was fitted with an extra long shoe in order to circumvent going wider.A Nordstrom associate used to fit me in 11.5D because they don't carry a good selection of widths. First time I went to an AE store I was correctly fitted into 10EEE.
Hey Watchman. As I said my Barrie boots in 10E fit comfortably snug. My Tremont balmorals in 10.5E are just a tad long, and sometimes feel just a tad narrow.I was leaning towards the LWB's since I dont have any and have more of a need for a foul weather shoe rather than another boot, but they already sold the last 10E they had available. Maybe next time. Thanks nontheless.
So...any chance you can help answer my question?
Ahh...I'm slow on the uptake tonight!
So....Greenwich boots in reverse tobacco chamois or LWB's in chamois? How do they age over time? Pics? If I'm a 10E in Barrie lasted cordovan wingtip boots can I order the same size in either of these or do I need to size up? My #8 boots are a snug fit. I also have Indy boots in Kudu 10E that are much looser. Also have 974 #8 balmorals on Tremont in 10.5E, they fit well, only a touch long; 10E felt a tad tight and I couldn't close the lacing.
What kind of treatment did these Leeds in shell cordovan receive to get a shine like this?
I wear 10EEE in AE 5-last Balmorals and have a pair of Alden Indy 404 boots that are 10E. The boots are somewhat loose and I sometimes wear with an insole to take up space depending on socks. At one point I purchased another pair of Indy Innsbrucks in 10D but sold them because they were a tad narrow; they may have worked if I worked to break them in more.True balance last is a wide last. In my experience with Alden, they are generally speaking 1/2 to 1 full size wider...
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