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Depending on level of interest you may want two polls, one for a Townley and one for EC.Alternatively, if we have multiple makeups up for consideration but not enough interest to do two separate orders, perhaps you can run one poll as an elimination round prior to a final round poll.
Townley is same last as Dalton, no? So same size? How do you size Eagle Country? I'm a 10E in Dalton, but have a better fit in shell versus calf. 10EEE in Park Aves & Strands.
Beautiful. Just yesterday I was tempted by a pair of Ravello LHS available in my AE Patriot cordovan size at The Shoe Mart.
I also have Indy 404s in Kudu and full lug sole. The Innsbrucks were supposed to be a middle ground for me.
I'm conflicted about these boots. I think they look great but I just took delivery of #8 wingtip boots, and should have the Epaulet Indy Innsbruck in hand by the end of the week.Is there a case where the Innsbruck and the Greenwich can live side by side in a closet with different missions?
I got in on the Innsbruck preorder last month (3-weeks ago!) and also received notice today that my boots are ready. In the email they indicated that they had placed the order for stock sizes in D-widths 7-months ago.
Actually, the chamois LWB's on commando would be a good replacement for a pair of AE Rush Streets I wouldn't mind upgrading from; they're essentially Strands in golden brown CXL, contrast stitching, and black Danite soles.
The tobacco chamois lwb looks great. Any reason I should consider a D width if I'm happy with the fit of E width Barrie wingtip boots in #8?The only thing holding me back is that this would be the third pair of Alden's in a row with commando sole, and all of my Alden's would be either commando or full lug soles.
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