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Anyone have pics if some well worn CXL tankers on Barrie? Curious how it ages.
I own Daltons in burgundy shell and bourbon calf. I also own #8 shell Alden wingtip boots on Barrie last with commando soles. The AE Daltons are still my favorite and look much more sleek and elegant than the Aldens. The Alden's are great in their own right look more formal; I think the critique from the a Alden boys is misplaced and superficial.
I ended up letting my Epaulet Innsbruck Indy boots sail on the 'bay. I was hoping to make them work, but I think I realize I should have ordered an E-width instead .
Not sure what I should do. I ordered Epaulet Innsbruck Indy's in 10D because my Kudu 404 Indy's in 10E have always felt a bit clunky and wide. I wore the Innsbrucks today for the first time today and my wider left foot is in pain. The right boot is a perfect fit. My left pinky and forefoot though feel bruised and beaten up. I know CXL will stretch, but I wonder if this is a sign that I should sell or persevere. Gorgeous boots overall. On the other hand, I'd hate...
Hmmm. An otherwise stock brown shell Bayfield on a commando sole may get some interest.
What last are the Bayfields on?To Cold Iron - What are your thoughts on construction and durability of your shell Bayfields vs. Wolverine 744LTDs?
1. I was never in; always on the fence.2. Indy linings have me concerned about fit3. Indy sole4. Can't really say I'm a fan of the wheeling. Was not impressed with it on shell Jeffersons. Those shoes were a mess though in multiple areas and had to be returned.
Either way; I'm having hard imagining the lighter edge combined with the Indepence sole.
Re: EC Still looking for some sizing comparisons versus Dalton; please specify calf versus shell. Thanks!
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