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Hmmm. An otherwise stock brown shell Bayfield on a commando sole may get some interest.
What last are the Bayfields on?To Cold Iron - What are your thoughts on construction and durability of your shell Bayfields vs. Wolverine 744LTDs?
1. I was never in; always on the fence.2. Indy linings have me concerned about fit3. Indy sole4. Can't really say I'm a fan of the wheeling. Was not impressed with it on shell Jeffersons. Those shoes were a mess though in multiple areas and had to be returned.
Either way; I'm having hard imagining the lighter edge combined with the Indepence sole.
Re: EC Still looking for some sizing comparisons versus Dalton; please specify calf versus shell. Thanks!
Re: Shell Townley Sorry guys; I just can't get behind this one. Brown shell blucher, lighter edge dressing which makes it more casual, but then we add Independence sole with wheeling and fudging to crank up the the apparent formality.
Spill It!You may get a few extra committed buyers as a result!
So close! If they were 10E I would have jumped on the opportunity!
To be honest it would have been helpful to know minimum order requirements upfront. it doesn't feel like 5 of these and 5 of those would be "enough" if the goal is to make it sustainable for AE.
Just writing to inform that I won't be committing via the final survey for now. If or when final makeups change again, I may throw my hat back in. Looking forward to seeing how things play out.
New Posts  All Forums: