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Hi folks, I wear a 10E in Indy 404's (Kudu). Thinking about adding some shell, maybe a pair of 975's. Is the recco to stay the same size between these shoes? The Indy boots are definitely on the roomy side. All of my AE's are size 10's in E, EE, or EEE depending on last and calf or shell.
It's the same color.
How do you keep your natural welts clean? I'm considering McTavish in natural wax. I'm concerned that the welt will look filthy after a couple of wears.
I never realized how deep red "chili" was in the color lineup. I was tempted to try something different since I have so much brown in my closet. What does chili pair well with? Where does it not work at all? Can they look clownish? Thoughts from fans & detractors alike?
So both shoes have Danite soles. The rush street is $259 currently with the sale. The brogue suede strands I can obtain for $160 for a pair firsts.Does that change your answer at all? I'm not completely sure I need either one so I could pass on both of them entirely in order to fill other holes in the lineup. Both after all are strands and both are "brown"
How would you handicap Rush Streets versus Brogue Suede Strands? Owners of either please chime in! I've been turning over my shoe inventory this month selling older shoes on eBay and trying to decide how to replenish the closet. I'm down upwards of 10 pairs and need to restock!! My current rotation (what's left): Bourbon Dalton Burgundy shell dalton Dark brown long branch Alden Indy 404 boot in Kudu Bourbon fifth street boot MTO (in production) Bourbon Strand Walnut...
I think that's a flattering picture of those Macneils. I've been toying with the idea of getting a pair of LWB's in shell, but perhaps Alden's makeup more so because the toe end of the shoe looks more "balanced". Would you mind posting a few more pics of those shoes?
Anybody size down from Indy boots on true balance last to LWB's in Barrie? My Indy's are 404 (Kudu) and are a comfortable if not a little loose fitting in 10E's. Also, I can order lwb in color 8 and black sole edge from the local alden shop but how "rare" are these other make ups using different sole edges or cigar / ravelo cordovan? Does anyone regularly stock some of these options? Any comparisons / commentary on the merits of the Alden's vs the AE Macneils in cordovan?
What size differences do you have between your AE shell Jeffersons and Alden shell LWB's?
I should have figured that was the case. I was just curious as to whether this was a peculiarity limited to AE or just a common consideration when sizing for shell in general.
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