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Thanks for the heads up.
I want to wear my supras, but not really at the same time.... And then I want to get some CP.. but not really at the same time... so I'm stuck with a pair of really blunt.. plain, Diesel Upwards... =/
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I want the last 3 tees. I think that's it. I wonder what tee prices are gonna be? Any affiliates have an idea? I saw their fw08 electra tee selling for a little bit over USD$100 here in Canada, good thing mine was on a discount, but I still think I paid a ridiculously exorbitant price, especially when the shirt is an actual Fruit of the Loom shirt. I don't think I'll ever do that again... =(
Quote: Originally Posted by jordansmith123 Aw crap. I didn't know that a size 34 = 32. 32 is fine in my opinion, it stretches one full size. 32 will give you a fit that isn't too tight, all the while not being too loose.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I'm going to sell my apc jacket me thinks size S but fits like a M. I'd like to see pictures of it... =D
float is an amazing seller! Insightful and fast on replying your pm. Great business, sure will buy from him again!
Cavern scarf old blazer mexx cardigan Levis 510 jeans Diesel hi tops.
I want to wear this for spring. Looks neat to me, and it should keep warm til Autumn...
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician ^ Sorry, I read a sarcastic bent in to your post...hah, my cynical inclinations will get me killed one day. Indeed, i balked at prices when I joined SF got used to it, joined Sufu balked at those prices got used to it and then did it all over again with SZ.... I just joined both SUFU, and SF very recently. As a matter of fact, I got hit by fashion not too long ago either. Instant love. But the prices...
This ain't too good-looking...
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