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This is when I wished I was taller so I could cop all your goodies. =( And you honestly should keep that ndg sweater. It looks amazing on you!
Common Projects Black Training Boots... Out of Stock almost everywhere, looking for a pair. =(
Stacks all the way! For one they create awesome fades if the denim is raw, and it's the most convenient way imo.
Isn't that the shoulder to cuff? Quote: Originally Posted by cacky What is the sleeve length of this jacket? Thanks
Jesus, this looks great on you, why are you selling it? Free bump I guess.
A question to all: What color does the indigo dye on your APC jeans really look like? Mine turns to a kind of mauve-blue under certain lighting... And on photos online I see a dark dark indigo...
Has a russian feel to it...
I bought a nice pair of YMC shoes from Jellolover, and it shipped from the US to Canada. All you have to do is be patient at this point. If you live in the big cities in Canada, it should be fairly quick, but it's not to say that it won't take time. Otherwise, if you're out in the remote, it'll be more lenghty. And yes, Canadian Customs are known to be strict, but seriously, if it ain't drugs, or airsoft guns, it'll pass, guaranteed.
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete I think it's pretty awesome that they got Fruit of the Loom to make a special run tee for them in the US. Do they even make their own main line tees in the US? If so, then I take back my first sentence. It's just heartbreaking to pay over $100 for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by tommboy so what then would you recmend? I have muscular legs (but short) and be tried diesel jeans without much sucess because they have a low rise. Go for slim cuts, for sure that'll help.
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