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After wearing them on and off for ~2 years
APC New Cure Size 28 worn for at most 8 hours. No visible fades. Slight combing. Price includes shipping to US or Canada.
pm sent
I wore them for a week when I first got them. Then I applied some mink oil while I was waiting for my obenauf to come... The mink oil did such a superb job that I didnt even bother applying the obenauf when it came.. Honestly, wear them. Once ur oils come, apply them and wear the shit out of them. If you're not exposed to wet terrain often, the oil actually last quite a long time.
Quote: Originally Posted by NefariousSabatour they're boots man, don't worry about it. Well said! Trash them or they'll trash you!
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Ouch... I think it's going to take a while for me to accept that look. Actually, I don't think it's ever going to happen.
Quote: Originally Posted by fried_eggs What do you guys think about these boots with slimmer jeans? I just got some 9013's and they are a bit chunkier then I was expecting. I think they look okay but am worried they look a little 'clown shoeish' with my 511's and Weird Guys. Maybe I just need to get used to them. What jean's do you prefer with these things? I'm actually wearing weird guys with the boots. Just break them in, they look fine...
Got them last week Applied mink oil after a few days of wear Still stiff and loving the break in process, it reminds me of when I was breaking in my army boots when I was still in the military. For those considering to get a pair, the boots are comfortable as is, just need to break in to soften the leather. As far as sizing goes, I listened to most here and downsized 0.5 from my clark's desert boots size. Wearing them 7 days a week, waiting for them to get...
Just want to give you guys a heads up... the black cherry gentleman traveler is on "sale" at + they have a promo right now for an extra discounted 14.95 for shipping. type "usps" as the promo code. I grabbed a pair myself. With all the fuss about sizing, I hope I chose the right size. Super excited to get them.
pm'ed. =)
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