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Betelgeuse The picture does not have much detail, so its hard to say. Can you give us something better? Also, it looks like you have a right low shoulder.
.westwarddrift You are right armholes that are too deep make the coat ride up when the arms are raised. The same thing happens when you sit sit in the car and reach for the wheel. the coat front may come up in your face., also the deep armhole restricts forward movement.
Eric I might suggest trying Hart Shafner and Marx, or Hickey Freeman.. You may have to do a lot of shopping.
Its just their way of avoiding problems since their shirts are well fitted.
That extra width in back is what gives you the ability to reach fore ward without restriction.
I usually slant a plain hem 1/2 inch. More of a slant takes more time and effort. Very extreme slants need smaller fabric turned up on the inside. This means the length cannot be made longer if needed later on.
Not only would it be an expensive job. shortening the jacket would bring the pockets down close to the bottom of the jacket. Also the crotch of the pants would hang down to your knees. answer is NO!
OTC, Good work and a great demonstration.
Diaz If that red line is where you wish it to be,then try the fore ward shoulder pattern change.
right diazsloping shoulders leave an empty space at the outer end of the shoulder.when the outer part of the shoulder drops down the cloth flops down also.when the shoulder seam is taken in at the outer end and tapered to the,neck ti fills that empty space and pulls the cloth up .that after the fact problem is an expensive alteration on finished jackets.its free when done on the cutting table.we are only here once. so have fun now.ALEX
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