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shortening a jean from the top can be done BUT!this will cut into the front pockets so you cant use them.the best way would be to raise the jean up to your waist.then have the tailor make the waist to fit your waist.so thatit will not slide back down.
if attached to clothing would it withstand washing or dry cleaning? ghdvfddzgzdgz has a great idea about worn jean pockets. how about these. a leather patch of your creation for a jean with no patch of its own. or colorful elbow patches on a jacket. leather edges to protect jacket pocket openings, and sleeve cuffs. leather heel guards on trousers and jeans coasters if your a drinker, different colors and shapes for each guest. a pouch for your device hanging from your...
Can any of that leather be washed?
how much was taken in at the waist and at the heaviest area of the seat? and does fit well there?also have you taken in the crotch at the back fork?
you say this is a bespoke jacket . the seam that goes through the pocket usually has a little excess on the side of the seam that faces foreward. the side facing back only has just the seam. that means there may be something that can be let out. if too much is let out at that pointit cal lead to a distortion. so dont over do it. but in that area a small amount makes a big difference.talk it over with your tailor.sorry now that i read this again, you want it to be taken in...
You are right Musella A complete pressing should be done by a professional presser. Jefferd has an excellent tutorial on touch up pressing , its higher up on the list. click on "touching up your suit".
HEY BERTIE1 I dont care for suits made from SCRATCH. Its very itchy and does not drape well. I will stick with suits made from CLOTH. much nicer always. sorry i just could not resist that one. he he
you were not at a fitting. that was just the measuring session. a fitting is when the suit is partly done. if he is a "custom" tailor he should be able to make a looser fitting sleeve. if this is a made to measure, then he may not be able to have them cut a looser sleeve. the made to measure style you picked, may only come with a narrow sleeve. did he measure your tricep?
the amount that the back is short is the amount you need higher up. not at the shoulder butat the rounder part of the back. see the split that is opened on the back of the stoop-ed pattern.this is what you need, but it must be moved to where you need it, not where it is pictured. here.the amount to open may need to be done in 2 or more small movements.its a judgment call.
do you have a heavy and or a rounded back?
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