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Its the first day of the earths natural new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
Hi table21 Its hard to tell because of the plaid making it confusing. But this looks to be a matter of posture. You stand more erect than the standard pattern. Go to search, enter "tailors technical tutorials". Then scroll down to "that pesky roll below the collar". Also read "balance explained". All ways check with the tutorials before asking a question. It will help you understand the answers that you receive.
Hi 123abc I have done a number of this alterations, on rtw and m2m garments. The customers usual response is," wow what a difference". What is important is that there is enough cloth under the collar to move out. At least 3/4 of an inch is needed.
welcome AFPJWhatever you do, dont send in your own measurements,. the price may be cheap but its not worth it.The cuttter must depend on you for his instructions. Can you do that?better to find a tailor here, that acts as an agent for a M2M shop. but even with that you may gothrough 3 suits before you get a good fit.
knotreknip you have a good grasp of the problem. on a solid color, the real pros have a way of making the seams match. but the cloth is taken in at the sides. and the amount taken is often not enough to make a large difference. thats because the cloth is removed at the sides, leaving the center back still somewhat full.
A Y That would make it too easy.
CD Give it a try and let us know if it works.
louisxiv So now tell us about how this story evds.
Where are you at? Where is labor that cheap?
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