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hi dav185 this could be a missed stitch, in the hand stitching on the edge. that is if the edge was hand stitched. that would be a 2 minute fix. Or it could be a missed stitch where the canvas edge connects with the front. the lining must be opened to get inside, more time. did he make the jacket himself or was it farmed out? Do take it back, or it will bother you for as long as you have it.
Hi SFF Go ahead and trim off those white yarns. Just dont cut the blue the blue threads that form the buttonhole. This type of buttonhole machine will often do this from time to time. It does not affect the quality of the garment.
After all this time, how in the world did I miss this one. for years I have been wearing 8.5 or 9 in 4eeee or 5eeeee depending on the last. Been ordering from www.wideshoes.com. They go from 3eee up to 6eeeeee.
Any tailor can install a vertical strap on each side. Its on the inside, next to the where the lining joins the facing. you slip your arms through the loops and the wind cant blow away your overcoat.
Gauss17 From the description it may be, but then it may not be a fore ward shoulder. Print the diagram and see if he thinks it would help. If you are hugging something nice, then you should not be wearing your jacket.
hi Oldprepyguy Crazy , but this morning I awoke thinking about your problem. It seems as though Despos predicted it would happen to someone back in sept 2nd 2012. Scroll back up to post #6. You will see what I mean. Has the maker done anything to help you? another thought. You said they "crooked the shoulder" and that was their term. So advise them that they must straighten the shoulder. but they must use the previous suit to start with, not the present one that they did...
Hi OPG Sorry but I only check old threads every 3 or 4 months. Yes they mistook your instructions let them know that. Can you send it back and ask them to straighten the shoulder as much as possible. Or if you are a long time customer try to get them to cut you a new jacket with a straighter shoulder than your previous jacket not this problem one. Or let them do it at their default amount. Alex
Well I hope someone appreciates this.
Its the first day of the earths natural new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
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