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louisxiv So now tell us about how this story evds.
Where are you at? Where is labor that cheap?
I think, using those valves on the ends is a cool idea.
hi FireflyThat stitch is done by a sewing machine called a serger. Its not a reinforcing stitch.Its purpose is to keep the cut edges of cloth from fraying.
If the collar only was lowered, it would not effect the shoulders.Something must have gone wrong when the shoulders were opened.I have that happen, and its the devil to redo.
I am back betele. Does the thigh seem too full? See the area just below where the seat seam curves between the legs. Some times that was not noticed, because of attention is on the seat fullness. Now this is a separate alteration. It is done on the upper part of the inseam.
Sorry Betele But I only check the tutorials every couple of months. The trouser looks good except for the seat. #1 removes cloth at ths waist and tapers off to zero at the seat. The alt on your trouser is #2 in the reverse of #1. It removes cloth in the seat area and tapers to zero at the waist not taking in anything there. caution do not make the seat too tight, as the side pockets may gap.
From the wiki. Kersey - a type of cloth construction, using wool. Melton- a type of cloth construction, using wool. Merino- a type of sheep that produce very fine wool. This same wool is used in making fabrics from 8 ounce weight summer suiting, as well as 32 ounce kersey and 24 once melton.
Hey troika Do that again to the jacket and you may destroy it. treat it with that lexol. Remember its leather. You do that shrinking trick just on raw denim. Take it to a leather shop and have them make it smaller.
Why did you do this to me? I could not sleep all last night.
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