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From the wiki. Kersey - a type of cloth construction, using wool. Melton- a type of cloth construction, using wool. Merino- a type of sheep that produce very fine wool. This same wool is used in making fabrics from 8 ounce weight summer suiting, as well as 32 ounce kersey and 24 once melton.
Hey troika Do that again to the jacket and you may destroy it. treat it with that lexol. Remember its leather. You do that shrinking trick just on raw denim. Take it to a leather shop and have them make it smaller.
Why did you do this to me? I could not sleep all last night.
Now thats funny!
Its that new shaver thats advertised for women with facial hair. It might be good for men with tender skin. Its a dry type shaver.
is that yardage or jeans?
If nothing has been done, then nothing has been done. If sanforizing has been done then it will be indicated some wear.
My understanding it that raw denim, means that no washing or anything else has been done.
yes journeyman, thats what its for. On a stout person, it would be a good fit. But on a slim person, it would need to be tapered. When you have the shirt on looking in a mirror you can see how the seam goes straight down. Looking straight at the front you can see the curveof the seam, but its just not enough for a slimmer person. Thats why we still have tailors.
Why? Well most shirts are cut straight up and down. some have a little shaping, but not much. So here is the problem the tailor has when tapering a shirt to fit you. See that line down the side of the figure. that is the center line down the side of the body It is also the position of the side seam of the shirt. And its only the seam the tailor has to use. When the new seam is sewn, it takes an equal amont of cloth on each side of the old seam. Now at the level of the...
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