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Hi sffDoing the center back seam, 1 1/2" is about right.But if the price is not a consideration this can be done.the entire waistband is removed. Then the waist is taken in a number placesaround the front and sides and back. the band is shortened and replaced.It takes a good deal of time and that is what alterations are charged for.Talk to your tailor about this.
Hi Eazye Great job there. I take it this is not your first DIY venture? To do a reverse engineer on a garment the toughest thing is to flatten parts without changing the parts shape. Are you doing your own alterations? good luck Alex
Hey Louis XIV The true rise is measured in a straight line not on a curve. Go to search and ask for 'tailors technical tutorials". Scroll down to ."the rise". Looking at a trouser you can see that the back is higher than the front. The use of a front and back rise is for comparisons. The cutters know what the patterns measurements are. They then can make an educated guess as the front to back angle of the waist band. Think about the fellow who wears his belt buckle under...
Hey NOTREKNIP Sorry but I dont cover everything every day. Yes its got a name its called a "jeans hem". Your time was as much as a tailors time. are you using a tailors wax chalk? Go to "search", and ask for "tailors technical tutorials". Scroll down to, for diys getting the trouser length right. There are other titles in there that might interest you.
KOALA Dont forget to take in the lining too. Just enough to make the lining match the width of the coat at the bottom.
hi koala Just open the bottom of the lining where it is sewn to the the hem of the coat. You can open as much as you need. good luck Alex
CONGRATS !!!! You are now the familys tailor and champ. Did you ever think you would learn a new trade. Soon to open the Paris of the prairies tailor shop? If you need answers, we are here just ask. GOOD LUCK
Remember the crapshoot rule. You can get a great suit or or not. at all. That goes for all "m2m"This is true for all m2m sites. Its the nature of the m2m system You dont see them, they dont see you..What counts is, do they live up to their promises. And Indochino seems to be honest.The M2M system depends on you telling them what changes to make until "you" finally get it right.If the second suit is good you are lucky. Some take several suits to get it right. Some never...
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