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yes TP, its just what you describe,.If you can go back to other posts like this and photos are there you willsee the problem in a more pronounced state.Please have pity on me, cause i am a very old man just barely able toget in and out of the net. put an arrow in a pic? no way to do!
yes betel thats the one. See in the picture the hump seems to have a twist to it. The success depends on there being a half inch or more of cloth underneath the collar at the neck. good luck Alex
yesyes all he needsto do isfind some black wool cloth.ttailors call this "piecing it".
yes betel its a bit better.looks very much as a fore ward shoulders problem. check for the tutorial "fore ward shoulders". have your tailor do that alteration. this will not change the low shoulder. if you will notice the right breaks more than the left, thats because of the low shoulder.
$30 sounds like a decent price. the buckle is found at a fabric stoire or tailor supply store.
hey peacoat If there is not enough to lengthen, the tailor can add some black cloth on the inside. It will not show on the outside.
Betelgeuse The picture does not have much detail, so its hard to say. Can you give us something better? Also, it looks like you have a right low shoulder.
.westwarddrift You are right armholes that are too deep make the coat ride up when the arms are raised. The same thing happens when you sit sit in the car and reach for the wheel. the coat front may come up in your face., also the deep armhole restricts forward movement.
Eric I might suggest trying Hart Shafner and Marx, or Hickey Freeman.. You may have to do a lot of shopping.
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