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Hi Fire flyWhat ever made you start sewing? Your new machine looks much like mine. Pictured in my avatar, But its much older than yours, built them to last back then.the mounting of industrial machines from the front of the table to the front of the machine platform is usually about 3 1/2 '. leave at least 6 ' space from the right edge.You need that for holding things handy that you need, thread clipper, bobbins, pins, coffee etc. The space to the left is to hold the bulk...
Sorry if I phrased this badly. But taking in the center back seam only, would be the cheapest.The more complicated job would take a great deal more time and cost much more.But then the waist could taken in far more than 1 1/2" and not change the appearance of the back pockets.
If the shirt measures less than 18 ,dont waist time trying it on!
Hi CWGo to a fabric store and buy a tape measure. About 2 or 3 bucks.Measure the shirts before you try them on, it saves time.
Hi sffDoing the center back seam, 1 1/2" is about right.But if the price is not a consideration this can be done.the entire waistband is removed. Then the waist is taken in a number placesaround the front and sides and back. the band is shortened and replaced.It takes a good deal of time and that is what alterations are charged for.Talk to your tailor about this.
Hi Eazye Great job there. I take it this is not your first DIY venture? To do a reverse engineer on a garment the toughest thing is to flatten parts without changing the parts shape. Are you doing your own alterations? good luck Alex
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