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Go ahead and try him. If it does not work out. Then try another one. That is the only way to find out.
hey Thai ToastI know its just a joke, but who did you get to do it ?Are the trousers just as nice?
Hi Matyda The only way to check the sleeve pitch is to see the coat on you. Try this, with no shirt on stand side ways in front of a mirror. Allow your arm to hang down normally and relaxed. This would be your normal sleeve pitch. Now move your arm forward a couple of inches then back a couple. Take that distance front to back, and divide it into 1/4" increments. You can see how many different sleeve pitches there are on the average. There can be more. The body posture...
you are right Alphall The extreme narrow trouser bottoms makes his feet look like monsters. The term we use to use was, "like a pair of gunboats".
Whats even better is to have a tailor replace the pocket bags with wool fabric.Thats the warmest.
Could it be that suit supply bought indochino????
Yes happy new year Its the winter solstice, and thats the earths true new years eve. SO HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY ONE!
hi AA Remember that cloth allowance is measured at the top of the gorge along the shoulder seam line. Also the the cloth that sticks out as that triangle gets cut off.
Hello A A Try the horse hair cloth if you wish. Its the cheaper method, but with the less possible success. If it does not work it can be removed without damage. but you pay for both the doing and then the undoing. TO do the major alteration, you must have at least 3/4 of an inch of cloth available beneath the collar. Thats right there at the curve of the gorge,and up to the shoulder seam line.The measure is along the shoulder seam line. . Your tailor will need to break...
Its a keeper!
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