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Whats even better is to have a tailor replace the pocket bags with wool fabric.Thats the warmest.
Could it be that suit supply bought indochino????
Yes happy new year Its the winter solstice, and thats the earths true new years eve. SO HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY ONE!
hi AA Remember that cloth allowance is measured at the top of the gorge along the seam line. Also the the cloth that sticks out as that triangle gets cut off.
Hello A A Try the horse hair cloth if you wish. Its the cheaper method, but with the less possible success. If it does not work it can be removed without damage. but you pay for both the doing and then the undoing. TO do the major alteration, you must have at least 3/4 of an inch of cloth available beneath the collar. Thats right there at the curve of the gorge. Your tailor will need to break a few stitches to peek inside.
Its a keeper!
Hi 1up Yea thats one of the drawbacks of the very narrow trouser bottoms. The other is that the smaller the bottom ,the larger it makes your feet look. Alex
Hi FC Might I suggest you go to Stylefourms search function. Ask for "tailors tutorials" there is a fount of information there. Its about tailoring and alterations.
NAMRAM GO downtown to a large department store. find the information desk. ask for the department that carries large sizes. try a size 50r to start with. you may have to go larger. ask the tailors advice as to what size to buy. Dont trust the sales man.
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