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It should not shed.In the mills the fabric is cleaned up when finished.,but a few hairs may be missed.These are soon gone.
I think the "camel" goes with anything you want.But it depends if it has one hump or two humps.
On trousers a zipper slider often can be replaced. If that cannot be done the entire zip can be replaced. On boots a very heavy zip is used I have not worked with these. I do know that replacement sliders are available for all size and types of zips. Check with your shoe repair shop. Or see if you can send the boot back to the manufacturer for repair.
Just buy the cheapest pair you can find. A few sheets of sandpaper And do it yourself.
Go to the "search" function, and ask for "tailors technical tutorials".there should be 2 or 3 titles that will help you.
Hentaisan The seat can be let out a little if there is cloth to work with. On the pattern its easy, and can be done where ever you wish and as much as you wish.
Maximscandi Yes it can. And. Depends on how much you want taken in. Have your tailor pin it up and get an idea as to if it will be what you want.
At last, "next year" finally got here! The cubs made it.
That would take care of the shirts problem, But the jackets problem is separate . If you change the shirts shoulder, do it first. Then see that all your shirts sleeves end at the same place. Then do the suit sleeves.
Alyousis People come in all kind of shapes., RTW makers can only make there garments in one average shape and hope fore the best. You have a pretty good idea of the solution. Your tailor will grab a handful of cloth and make some chalk marks. This will show him how the new seam will be made. When the alteration is done the thigh circumference may appear too large, but this is a separate problem, and a separate alteration, for a separate price.
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