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I was on the website to change my shipping address and noticed that they have limited re-issues of #1 and #3. There is also a deal to buy 1 through 6 for $150. Enjoy!
Is that Oxxford Sale going on? The thread was locked so no updates...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel I'll crap my pantas FTFY
iPad sales top 1MM, and my stock is throug the roof I am loving my 3g. I find surfing the internet to be a real pleasure, it feels very natural to use your fingers for navigation. The AT&T network has decent speeds (for what it is) for general internet/email use. Posting to SF is easy...
^C&J in New York or elsewhere?
Further drop on last remaining pair of shoes: AE
Drops on shoes
Your hair is a little...out there...much like that of the adolescents at a prom. The first thing I thought of was this:
I nominate this thread: best-of-the-day.
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