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niidawg (hope he doesn't mind...): Feminin? No, not IMHO.
20/f college student here looking to chat
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 That's may be fine for some customers, but not for others. Now forum members can make an informed decision. ...and chance seeing Ed!
I recently had two "trial" shirts made by Carl and am very happy with the fit and the customer service I received. I'll be going back very soon to place a second order. Hopefully someday I run into Ed!
^ I think moo might have a buyer for his dress
Rolex? Yawn Mr. women loses should stay in grad school a little longer.
I was recently in Peru and don't recall ever hearing about this "Peruvian chicken." I am intrigued. I do recall a lot of ceviche, and some alpaca and guinea pig. Pisco to drink.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I already noted this fact earlier in the thread. - B I guess you can say it has been dually noted *troll post
I prefer the spelling "gotti" as in that TV show "growing up gotti.". I never saw it but I assume it plateaued at a high level of "Oh My Gawd" gaudiness.
Zojirushi electric water dispenser...keeps water for tea at the right temperature so I don't have to spend time boiling etc.
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