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Anyone still in?
Drop on jeans...probably the final drop!
Great stuff, thanks!
Drop on denim!
Drop on field jacket. Happy Thanksgiving! If anyone is interested in both I will give you a pretty sweet deal.
Big drop on denim, $5 more off field jacket. Thanks for looking!
Pride drop on jacket, now 180!
Rag & Bone Waxed Cotton Field Jacket (42--Fits like a 40) $200 CONUS >> $175 >> $150 >> $135 This coat is in very good condition. Quilted lining (not removable), very warm. One button is getting loose and you will probably want to resew it. Fits like a 40 (but please see measurements). 100% Waxed Cotton. Made in the U.S.A. Measurements Pit to Pit: 22.5 (this coat is thick) Shoulder: 19.5 Waist: 21.5 Sleeve: 25.25 Length: 30 Pic #5 of the sleeve is...
wear them in the nude
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