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Looking again. Please let me know if anyone has anything. Eying another suit.... Thanks, fellas!
Can you post some measurements: widths of the thigh, knee, and bottom hem would be great. Thanks.
Wow. Nice. I wish this were like $400 cheaper. Unrealistic, I know. Great suit, though. Good luck with the sale.
I guess this is a US 46? So, in your estimation, to what size (S, M, L, XL) does this jacket equate? Also, what is the length measurement? Thanks for your time.
Bump for a great seller. (p.s. Let me know if you can get these shirts in BB4.)
Wow. Wish that burgundy Etro were available. Let me know if its sale falls through.
Now, particularly, I'm looking for cotton, but I'm always looking for nice wool suits. I did see your suit in B&S, however, it's a little rich for my blood. Good luck and thanks for replying. Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock I just noticed you are looking for cotton, sorry.
Sorry to be persistent, but I'm interested and shoulder padding is a big deal for me. Maybe a good point of comparison: how would you relate its padding to a PRL suit (made by Corneliani)? Sorry to be PITA; thanks again. Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del ^^ Its a subjective thing so I hesitate to answer. I would say it is light to medium padded in the sense it is not totally structured like RLPL. Its pretty much like my Zegna's. Sorry I am...
Epaulet is a great store and their customer service is top-flight. Beautiful shoes, too.
Could you describe the amount of padding/structure of the shoulders on the Corneliani suit jacket. Thanks.
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