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Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff this is a sick coat. and a sick seller. i would wear this with the emblem who cares. i could pull it off. anyone snicker at me or make some stupid comment to my face id just say "finished? ok then stfu." trust me, ill see those same guys next week wearing some emblemed blazer Best post I've seen in awhile.
If you can get another pair of #3 (tan), I'd be very interested. Same size (34) or 36 would work. Let me know. Thanks.
I'm not sure what is for sale in this thread, but should I receive something in the mail for this? I get a lot of mailings from RL, but I don't remember how these bigger sales work. Also, when is this sale slated to begin? I could use a good splurge at RL and 30+15 would make that much more palatable. If someone could fill me in on this -- thanks! Tony
Both SOLD! Thanks StyleForum!
Greetings again, fellas. Fine print: PayPal only, please. Prices include shipping CONUS. Here I have to offer two pair of shoes that I think are pretty interesting: 1) ALDEN brown suede plaintoe balmoral in size 11 B/D (US). I believe these are on the Aberdeen last, but readers please correct me if this is inaccurate. These have been worn only a handful of times and are in very good, if not great, condition. These don't come with shoe trees and I do not have a...
Wish that BBBF were a BB3. If anyone has and is willing to sell or can obtain BBBF suits in BB3 or BB4, please PM me. Good luck with the sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 I actually rolls pretty low. I have a few of these suits. The roll is really nice on this model. I have a few, too. Third button doesn't come into play with its natural roll. Really nice suit at a great price. Good luck with the sale.
PM'd/paid on #15. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by j Yes, it is true. Don't answer questions in replies to a thread, edit them into the OP and/or PM the member who asked. Seems kind of Draconian, no? I'm not a frequent seller here, so I guess it's not a huge deal for me, but it seems like mere protocol to answer a question asked by reply, as you did in this very thread.
They look great, Ed. Seems like an exciting and likely successful venture. Best of luck. Definitely interested in the expanded line and the eventual website. Keep me posted. Tony
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