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If you can find any RLBL shirts in 16.5, count me as a customer. Thanks.
I think these are really sharp. You'll see these kinds of bracelets on a lot of athletes and other well-appointed, youthful people. I'm considering one; PM will be sent.
Wish #4 were a 10.5/11. Good luck, though.
If you can get these in a 10.5, let me know. Thanks.
Great seller. Tremendous boots.
Wow. Just wow.
These are cool.
I'd have a new wardrobe if you were a 42R. Amazing thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol Yes, everything is long. Hopefully no one holds this post against me since I am answering within 5 minutes of the question asked Aaahh, man. Thanks for replying. Good luck with everything.
I already know the answer to this, but I feel compelled out of disappointment to double-check: Is the PRL blazer a LONG, too? Thanks.
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