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Gentlemen, For sale: BARKER 125th Anniversary balmoral wingtip, black, size UK 10: I purchased these recently only to realize that they're too big. Despite their beauty, I have to pass them on. I would say they fit relatively TTS; these will fit a solid US 11 or maybe a smallish US 11.5, in my opinion. These come from the special Barker 125th Anniversary Collection, representing an exclusive, extreme high-end offering from the English shoemaker. These have a...
Nice suit. Just my humble input, but I know S&H stuff is pretty expensive, and for instance, I know their sportcoats can range like upwards of $500. I've never seen one of their suits before, but I would imagine retail is probably significantly more than what you're surmising it might be. If I didn't have too many gray suits already, I'd be seriously considering it as it's my size. (I actually will keep an eye on it -- it's actually really nice.) Anyway, good luck.
I'm assuming the 9.5 is US. I wish they were 10.5. Good luck.
There's a very happy 38R out there somewhere right now. I'm a 44R
Wondering who bought the tan RLPL MacKays and wondering if they're looking to resell. PM me. Thanks. Good luck with the sales on the remainders.
Your shoe collection must be incredible.
Looking forward to descriptions and measurements on the 34/50s and 36/52s. Thanks.
Really nice gesture. Another example of the kind of people on this forum -- so impressive.
Good luck, Joel. All the best.
Wow. Wish that Zegna/Dunhill blazer were a 42R. No chance it fits particularly large, huh?
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