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Quote: Originally Posted by anon if you're pulling shoes off in that color with the suit, the color/style of the belt should be fine, in my opinion. Thanks, Anon. I think this belt with closely matching shoes on a navy suit would be very sharp.
Just purchased pictured belt. Ralph Lauren made in Italy, about an inch wide while the buckle measures around an inch and a half in width. Silver (genuine, I think) buckle as you can see. My intention is to wear this belt with suits to match a pair of chestnut AE I have and other shoes yet to be purchased. I think the relative slimness of the belt lends well to dress wear, but the sort of chunkiness of the buckle engenders some reticence. Opinions as to the...
Judging by the items listed and some of the comments of fellow members, it seems as though you're the man for RL merchandise, particularly suits. I'm always in the market for PRL Made in Italy suits/sportcoats in 44R and RLBL in 46R. I know this is sort of a peculiar size for this forum, so if you come across anything, please do give me a heads up. Thanks, Tony
Hey Doc, I'm typically a 44R. For instance, in Italian PRL suits, a 44r fits me fine, but my shoulders still poke out a little. In other words, if there were such a thing, I would probably be a 45R in the aforementioned suit. How this is of any concern to you is that with respect to the RLBL suit you have offered, do they historically run smaller that the Italian PRL? Would a 46R in RLBL be the way to go for me? If yes, I'd still harbor some concern for other fit...
So, with the suit, tagged a 56R in European size, but a 46R US, correct? Could you perform some measurements as to the width of the pant leg at the thigh and the bottom? Interested, but I don't know too much about the quality, etc. of CK suits. Thanks, Tony
Sending PM.
I am going to sent you a PM.
Hey, Is the RL 44R jacket still available? I would be willing to make a reasonable offer. Thanks.
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