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Any new codes? Got a few things at Yoox I really would like to purchase, but a little incentive would be great. Thanks...
Would be interested in 42R. Let me know if they become available. Thanks.
Faaaaacckk! To all buyers: if any one of these suits (particularly the brown Isaia) doesn't work for you, please contact me! Thanks! Faaaaacckk.
Wow. P*ssed I missed #3. Let me know if they become available.
I can't see pictures. Edit: See them now. Nice stuff.
Widths, my friend, widths.
PM'd on "RB" tie and Talbot. Thanks.
What are the widths? Thanks.
Would love those RL Albins (brown wingtips) in US 10.5 or 11, if you (or anyone else) can obtain them. Thanks.
Good guy, great seller.
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