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I'm looking for these in 10.5. Please contact me if anyone has for sale. Thanks.
Sorry to join the ranks of the requesters, but I'd like that peak lapel suit in 44R. Good luck with these sales. Thanks.
Would be interested in Gant shirts in size L and Gant suits in 42/44 if they become available. In the meantime, good luck.
Second the measurement request. Thanks.
Price Drop 4/25/2011
Greetings, First, I've sold a number of items on the MC side of the forum, but this is my first foray here. Well, in terms of details, shipping costs are INCLUDED in asking price for those in CONUS; PAYPAL is the preferred (read: only) form of payment; please feel welcome to bump thread with questions to which I'll reply in my original post or via PM, as the forum's rules require. Here goes: ENGINEERED GARMENTS Bedford jacket/blazer, size XL: It's made of a medium gray...
I've been looking for this suit in 42R. If someone can help, please contact me. Thanks.
Would be interested in other larges in the future.
Did you buy this from Saint_Theo? (Your pictures are undoubtedly the pictures from his post.) The last time I saw it he had lowered the selling price to $325.00 shipped. Your price isn't bad, but here, it's generally considered bad form to turn a profit in such a way.
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