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Ha. Thanks. That answers my question.
Thanks, fellas.
Darltons are sold?
SOB! Wish this suit were an R
To the buyer of the PRL pants, please contact me if they don't work for you. Thanks.
Nothing fancy. Bunch of stuff including a couple Custom Fit dress shirts, some shorts, T-shirts, and some pants. Really just bolstering my casual summer/early fall wardrobe. I was hoping there was a 20% off coupon/promo out there, but 10% might have to do. Thanks all. Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo what are you getting?
Thanks, Dave! Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Here you go. 10% off BZR29368 or BZR29367
One last shot...
Just about to make a fairly large purchase at RL and hoping there's a coupon/code out there that can make the purchase somewhat less painful. Thanks! Tony
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