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Porter and Harding Glen Royal
I think I will stick with ours, I like the way the eye moves from David Reeves to gift card quite nicely. I think as an arrangement your version is balanced (except for the D) as an image but I don't think it reads as well.Now though, do you think do these in gold, silver or white text?Just realized this one reminds me of MGM which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Yeah I think I was too married to the credit card layout and without the number on the banner to balance it out it didn't quite work. We centered the bottom text which I think is a big improvement.
I would certainly fire him if it was me.
Speaking of which, this is the final gift card design.
I think something like the the herringbones by Porter and Harding are neutral enough to be worn often and easily as they are not too strong like say a red donegal or a pink windowpane check.This is quite a good one to start off with in grey or green:This is a penny farthing:
New client did his first fitting this week, looked in the mirror and face palmed. I said are you alright? Do you like it? He said its great Ive just spent a fortune at (Other NYC "bespoke" tailor) and now I feel stupid.
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