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This can be me all day long sometimes. Scrutinizing proportions.
Do you work in a menswear store or custom tailor? I was just picking up on you saying customers asking for a Tom Ford cut.Well I am very biased because I'm a strong proponent of the style but I think it looks very good on an older or heavier set man it's a style made to flatter, on a young or fit man it should look incredible if the "raw material is already good".The hair and beard I don't think were terribly successful in this shoot but I made up this suit recently,...
hmmm could look a bit Martin Freeman, depends what the OP looks like and if he goes for a more textured style or something more severe and straight like our man Spock here.
Surely it's about what they do now? Heritage is great but how can you expect a fashion brand to have "catwalk collections" out for a long time without being a fashion brand? There were very few of those boutiques worldwide in the 80s I even remember a time when in England you could only get Prada at one store in London and that was the 90s. I also had a pair of Prada glasses when they first got into doing eyewear, the design and quality was excellent, they were very...
Caesar cut.
Such a lot of give with flannel, its SOP to make up flannel suits rather tight to compensate for the stretch, in many ways modern fits are a little incongruous with the cloth. Dormeuil puts mohair in some of there flannels, I think it really helps them keep shape.
Ill help out a little bit with the buttoning point, we usually go for a higher waist above the gut this creates the illusion of a slimmer waist or indeed "a waist".I would also say that English shoulders are not heavily padded except when they are in Hong Kong.
Have you asked for a refund? Usually a business would much rather refund than have a card charged back.
I would bet that it's a "show try on", MTM companies have started doing this, there is probably no inlays in there like a real try on, although it may not look it, that jacket is essentially finished.I asked about price because I would not be surprised these days if this was $300, at which point I would say that the customer had no business buying it and the vendor no business selling it, looking at the price tag I think its quite outrageous, until recently I was doing...
How much was this suit and where was it made?
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