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I especially like 2D fighters.
Not made up yet but this just seems like a nice but rather regular wool
Doing a needle cord trouser to go with it that matches the blue, will probably put a matching blue smedley roll neck underneath the jacket.
Some nice Loro Piana Proposte Giacca this season, quite 60/70s looking. Except for the grey these are being made up at the moment, I'm doing the red and the large birds eye type cloth.
You must be uncomfortable in tonik in the summer. Which one(s) have you got?
Carson style.
Being half lined will make no real difference to the look of the suit, you can still style it formally and sharp or go more louche and softer looking with the tailoring. Fresco is well liked online and I am liking it a lot more (I did an MTO run of fresco suits at the start of the summer) but I do not think it cuts it in the same way as silk/linen or wool/linen blends. Having said that theres not much around in black in silk linen blends right now as we are in fall/winter...
There's also different types of black cloth (well obviously) H Lessers is flat and somber, clearly meant for a funeral or funeral director, quite different from say a mohair or Dormeuil Amadeus with a paper press finish.I think though it depends on the type of business you are doing, obviously people with time on their hands working in offices post a lot here but this is not the whole world of business.
A silk and linen blend of around 50/50 composition (maybe from Loro Piana or Dormeuil), unlined trousers, half line the jacket. Cotton and linen shirt and a cotton and linen or silk and linen tie.
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