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"Tailoring" line sheet.
Chesterfield with bright blue Scabal velvet collar, cloth is WBill classic coatings.
I agree with not knowing how something will wear. I make a lot of clothes for myself because I just like them, but I also use them as samples to test wear of cloth, I don't know anyone else who actually does this. Invariably I have a lot of my own clothes on the rails, clients even though they are buying bespoke still like to buy what they can see, so they are a good selling tool.I nearly own a garment made of cloth from each book I have in the shop. I think you can make a...
Not to be combative but thats to do with style, not QC or construction, Im sure there are some brands that are high end that would fit you very well, Canali for example. The patterns of these brands you are talking about by your own admission just aren't made for you.
I put out my first collection this season just for press, maybe next year Ill really have to do Pitti.
Too busy actually doing work!
Hannibal dresses great in the film "Hannibal" when he's going for that museum job.
The lines are sharp and dangerous, cloth is mohair Tonik so it feels like concrete if anyone touches you. The tie slide with that vest says control freak. You could wear it with this coat that is black with a black mink collar.
Steed for me too, the shaping and the button placement is better. I would like the Steed to be 3/4" lower at the opening and slim the sleeves down a touch.
The fear is palpable in that first picture.
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