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I fiddled around with the the cut of the collar giving it a slight curve where it meets the lapel, the lapel width and curvature is a bit unusual as well but minutia like this probably doesn't come across through photos like these.
Suits you being a bit "nautical themed" as well I think.
I am forced to agree with this. Well some of it.
I think that B is worse. I mean the trashiness of Gucci and Hermes have a sort of charm.....especially Gucci.
Buy one second hand if you can, a great investment piece that retains its value especially if you don't buy new. I have had my day date for a year now and I enjoy it every day, one of the best purchases I ever made. Its sort of like having a rocket launcher on your wrist though.
Been a tad experimental on this DB's lapels.
New client, first fitting on this bad boy Saturday.
That's the stupidest old chestnut of "dressing correctly". If you have to agonize on how to look like Joe Schmo in clothes you are doing something wrong and just wasting energy.
If it was a G it would be better.
Mohair DB
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