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Already thinking about Fall, Flannel will be big I think.
I know its not tweed but I thought some of you chaps would be into a bit of corduroy as well.
Well I'm not a savile row trained tailor, but I am a Savile row trained manager of tailors.
Maybe a bit shinier than something like Tonik but similar. Well if I made you a Tonik mohair 2 piece it would run at 5000 if I did a Dupioni it would be 7000
A stripe doesn't have to match at the shoulder seam.
I have never made one for myself or a client but I am seriously thinking of doing one for myself. I imagine it would be more of a spring suit or something you could wear more formally in the evening all year round. What I have would probably wear too hot for late summer and too delicate and light for fall/ winter, I wouldn't want to get rain on it.Wrinkling and creasing shouldn't be too bad, I have a 100% silk suit and many other suits with silk in them and they have very...
I have Dupioni by Scabal and Loro Piana. There may be other merchants, but those two are enough for me for such a niche fabric.
Just got this Molloy and sons out the door for a wedding in Scotland next month.
Molloy and Sons tweed three-piece. This is the last suit out the door with the old David Reeves label, thats a thousand labels used over six years so I suppose thats a thousand suits done.
Did a bit of a photoshoot today in china town. https://www.instagram.com/p/BHAwO7INEED/?taken-by=davidreevesbespoke&hl=en
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