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In the spirit of style forum, a bathroom selfie.
Some navy chelsea boots, like 2 years ago........ they tell me I can pick them up tomorrow.
At George Cleverley New York trunk show today.
That would be fantastic. I was just fitting myself for this here, I'll be wearing it properly with some white Chelsea boots and a white shirt and white tie I think.
Getting some white Chelsea boots made to go with it.
I know a lot of people were wondering how this would look on someone.
3.5" when finished. Of course there are differences but the difference between my top maker and my regular Bespoke work is not a chasm like say an MTM from a Savile Row house compared to its bespoke work, it never has been. This is also reflected in pricing as well, these days a David Reeves bespoke suit goes for about 3000 and top maker at 4000 Differences are things like, a basted fitting with top maker as standard, finer hand made buttonholes (around 60 stitches...
Top maker. Generally the lines between the two are getting a bit blurred these days though, I'm more likely to just ask a client his budget and use the according level of make or cloth.
Parachuted in today for this fitting, cloth is Summer Tasmanian by Zegna.
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