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Reeves rain coats coming soon.
New H Lesser super 150s
Its slightly more grey/blue in real life, its actually a sharkskin but theres not much contrast between warp and weft. Nice.
Just got a new H Lesser today in 8 oz and a super 150s as well, very unusual for them, I may do a blog post about the book.
It is right that Scabal is more expensive than VBC, it is a cut above really. I haven't used it myself but I do carry it, have you looked at Eton and classics? Eton is a bit light and is a 130 even though it's light I always impressed with its drape.
14 I think.
they are new I think, Yes they have donegal flecks they are nicer in real life, Im just doing iPhone shots as usual.
New Molloy and sons samples came in last week.
As you chaps like Molloy I wonder if you are familiar with these plaids they do?
ref 62255
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