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Ariston silk and linen.
H Lesser Prince of Wales DB
Summer seems to be over! Got the new fall books in for Loro Piana and Scabal this week.
I would say especially so. Really when wearing that it's got to be more about yourself and ability. If you are going to be self conscious about it though don't do it.
I think it's just bizarre he's never made a coat in 50 years, is he an alteration tailor primarily? I think the main problem you will run into are stylistic and subtle so take it slow and politely micro manage where the buttons are going, were the gorge is, the lapel width etc.I think the original coat style is also a tricky one as well it's a bit of a modern take on a crombie but I think it "nerfs" the style somewhat. Looking at the pictures if I were you I would drop...
That looks like quite a project.
No its not a casual look, just the sign of a better made suit generally.
Drop 10 silk and linen. Unlined. No pins.
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