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Made to measure is back in January at the introductory price of 1200 until Febuary. The new MTM is made in the U.K (actually my University town of Leeds) and comes in a very nice sharp English cut. ......get ready to pull that trigger 😜
New Client first fitting today. Love that 90s "blue rinse" filter.
You want a Job?
Just signed for a second, larger location in my building at Union square, time to start hiring. Looking for an assistant with MTM experience and or an administrator. Please send resumes to david@davidreevesbespoke.com Start date will be in January.
Three button suit is out of fashion but not out of style.
It would look really Mod and a bit futuristic, I think this is the only way to do it. Hardy Amies did some nice 4 buttons in 2001 (the film not the year).
I think either is good, liking the "true" 3 button at the moment though.
I just think after 50 years memory could be a bit foggy. We could replicate something like that now without much difficulty but gorge lines are higher and lapels are narrower now so you don't see it so much.
Well actually I wouldn't do too much in relation to just buttons really. As long as everything is proportionally good I think you can pretty much do anything stylistically.I am not just looking at buttons but also, button spacing, gorge height, break, lapel width, pocket placement, coat length etc all very carefully, although I have a something of a knack for it. Sometimes I even choose specific button size for a very large or small client.I think a gorge line in the wrong...
New Posts  All Forums: