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It's something I still want to do, but been extremely busy with bespoke work over the past 12 months, especially with clients buying multiple items at once. It's a good problem to have though!I moved into a bigger office this past month and kept my old one, this may be used for admin and to service the online store.
It is quite soft like the Porter and Harding but certainly thicker which makes it rather cozy to wear. I wore it out last night and didn't feel uncomfortable with the the weight at all. I think it would make an especially nice overcoat.
Last tweed to be finished up until next fall I think:
Molloy and sons, This tweed will probably be the last until next fall. Arrived in good time its a heavy 18 oz.
I just think it's too derivative of an AP
Kind of the poor mans President though isn't it? 😉
God no.
No date sub here: http://www.bobswatches.com/rolex-submariner-no-date-model-14060.html I like the no date sub, nice and minimal without the date.
A bum once swore at a guy in the street while I walked past him here in Brooklyn, he looked at me, then looked down at his shoes before looking up and sheepishly said "suh, suh, sorry sir". Thats what a David Reeves three piece in H lesser does for you.
Its a brand new book that came out in the U.S yesterday. It is the new Amadeus 365 Sport coat book. You can see all the Dormeuil cloths online here:http://www.dormeuil.com/en/cloth-collection/detailed-collection/
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