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Caleb Followell from Kings of Leon wearing his "Reeves" at The 2016 Kennedy Center Honors.
We can make a tailcoat and usually make about one or two a year, its a real devil of a task finding the shirts and detachable collars here in the US, so order in advance from Budd in London. As for Bespoke vs MTM and off the rack, I think with this item you would be best served doing either an off the rack or going bespoke, the panels make them tricky to alter and MTM can't really hack it, I think its all or nothing with them really.
Cashmere Scabal for a very lucky client.
Putting a three piece bespoke up for grabs in the holiday auction, could be number 2 for you this year.
REEVES BLACK FRIDAY SALE 25% off Bespoke orders in black cloth for today only.
Blue Friday next year then? Are you opening tomorrow?
It's a black moleskin from Wbill, that's at a forward stage before buttonholes and buttons were put on, it could be made with a fly front to conceal the buttons and look minimal like the picture.
Black dinner suit then, peacoat, tail coat, morning coat, black velvet jacket anything as long as its black!
If it was suit supply would be a different matter!
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