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That is the idea exactly!
You know maybe I just have the apple watch on my mind subliminally! I think I am just thinking about retro "futuristic" designs for watches.Used to have one of these in college and loved it:The Gold apple watch would be great if it was more like this:I think it needs to be a lot thinner, it would also be interesting to see it reversible in some way.
Yeah that square one does the trick for that look.
Surprised you especially think that wraith.
I'm not doing it because of the size, I just thought it was very unusual looking for a Rolex and the price was good. I will always be a bit of a mod at heart and I quite liked the "man from uncle" look about it. Could see it being interesting worn with a very clean minimal outfit......maybe the Apple watch then?!Put on my new moleskins and tweed jacket last night to go home from work though and really felt like I needed an "old money" watch.My day date got bought at the...
Am I crazy for liking this as a fun watch? http://www.bobswatches.com/used-rolex-oyster-perpetual-midsize-watch-177200.html Bit small though right?
Sourcing leather and suede for elbow patches on all these tweeds I keep doing
Ha you need to ask Amex about that! I'm sure they could do something for you.
Well I am making a thousand of these, they are one use, contain information on a magnetic strip and can be made out for a smaller purchase like $140 for a tie. The R & D and individual cost of a card like that would be quite prohibitive!
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