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Does a blazer count?
Hand made silk made in Paris
Just not feeling it in person for some reason, I should just make something up and see how it is.
Never used it, not sure I like the look of it for some reason. What do you think?
What color did you do?
Try on for George Glasgow of Cleverley.
I have a shop at Union Square, I am appointment only but I am open 6 days a week (closed Sunday) to see clients.My main focus is Bespoke work these days because that seems to be where the demand is for me. I do however have a robust and tested MTM system and have made MTM for many Style forum members for many years. I have also worked in MTM for Gieves and Hawkes, Richard James, Prada and Commes des Garcons.Here is a link to my...
Well I do think we are starting to go off topic a bit but I think it has a lot to do with inclination and also anonymity. Just look at this client list here. Most of them are from Savile Row and I didn't even include people like high ranking Generals and Admirals except Lord Inge.People like this coming in, was just a daily occurrence, I just can't imagine a British PM posting selfie pics in a toilet!
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