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They are at the same height as a standard pocket with flaps. I do like them a little on the smaller side in terms of depth, they also angle forward slightly for ease of use.
Nice tweed finished up before the move.
Yeah working on that, thinking royal blue.
I changed my mind somewhat, have a look at this:https://davidreevesbespoke.wordpress.com/2011/09/26/david-reeves-is-pleased-to-present-h-lesser-the-savile-row-cloth-for-use-in-his-bespoke-and-custom-suits-in-nyc/
Yes they are, they look great especially with very English looking cloths like Lesser.
I don't object.
Who would I be though? maybe a double 0 that gets killed at the beginning. I'm trying to be more M these days, its getting more age appropriate. Tonik is fantastic!
Did some publicity shots today, H lesser 14 oz.
Should have those alterations ready for you Tuesday, you want us to ship?
New shop is coming along......its taking time though.
New Posts  All Forums: