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Dressing appropriately for the environment is very important of course, but not a lot of people do, it's all just dumbed down and easy. I mean just look at the Oscars!I blame the hippies.
Not at all. My clients like my suits, they want to wear them, and wear them for themselves, that's the difference, rather than wearing something because you have to either because you are told to or because you think you have to.Not enough men these days know the joys of wearing nice clothes it's just seen as a chore for some reason which is a real shame. I suppose though if you ate nothing but fastfood all your life you would be quite content with it.
It annoys me the amount of men only interested in suits so far as, dating, marriage, mid life crisis and court.
Hand work on silk suit:
I do alterations for my Bespoke clients but not the general public. My alteration shop is in my old office up on the 10th floor. It is actually a separate company (KR tailoring) the idea is to do alterations in house for David Reeves and his clients but also to do high end alteration work for stores which is why the company has a rather anonymous sounding name.
Thanks, this was the first time I could really put my personality in the space as in regards to the interior.Next time will be grander.
Solbiati Linen
Finished up this bad boy today
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