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Solbiati white linen three piece.
Oh I just call them Barberis. I do not carry them at the moment, I just don't think they can't really compete with the likes of Lesser, Dormeuil, Zegna, Loro Piana and Scabal. Of course they come in at a lower price point than those houses, not bad cloth at all but for my product it doesn't really fit. Having said that these companies have peaks and troughs, they have good collections and bad ones and go through changes so I do not rule out carrying them in the future....
Well Mohair is quite a niche cloth in many respects. Loro Piana does not have a mohair book at all, Scabal has a small selection and so does Zegna but really theres only Dormeuil doing mohair in a big way, but its always been one of their signature cloths.I have looked at some mohairs from less known English mills and the quality isn't there, lots of poly blends, I am quite partial to Taylor and lodge mohair and use it a lot in dinner suits but they do not supply direct...
Morning suit
It really isn't a bad business at all.
Just got a nice morning suit finished up, I'll put up some pictures tomorrow.
I think he's been at it for about 4 years now, he's mainly been based in the U.S and is now actually a citizen.
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