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there is a dealer locator on the red wing website http://www.redwingshoes.com/Locator....=NY&Country=US
Quote: Originally Posted by jsherman02 Use neutral polish...eliminates this problem I normally don't polish these and only use mink oil on them. If I had known they were going to polish them, I would have requested they use neutral (or not do it at all). I will give the soap & water thing a try and if that doesn't work, I'll break out the saddle soap.
I have a pair of shoes similar to these AE Wilberts that have stitching in a contrasting color. I took them to my local shoe repair shop (60 miles away) to have a little work done, and as "a courtesy" they polished them. They did a pretty sloppy job and now about half of the white stitching is covered in black polish. Anyone have any suggestions on getting the polish off the stitching?
Check out newegg.com They have prebuilt setups, or you can just buy a loose drive and an enclosure and put it together yourself. I have the best luck with Fujitsu and Western Digital drives.
Alright, so I am a sucker for this kind of thing. So here is my mini review. The deal was 4 ties for a $1 plus shipping $14.95 = $15.95 total. I picked out 4 ties on the website on a Friday, and the following Saturday they were delivered by USPS. Here's what I was sent. Of the 4 ties I ordered, I only received 1 of them. I called Customer Service on Monday and was told that because the ties were "so popular" they had difficulty keeping them all in stock,...
This would be my dead simple, can't go wrong setup for the D40 D40 body (obviously) SB400 flash (it's super light and small, will bounce off the ceiling for nice indoor family shots, and still has enough oomph to use as fill flash outside) 35mm f1.8 DX lens. This is Nikon's new lens specifically for the D40. It should be very fast for indoor use and at 35mm is a more useful size than the 50mm mentioned above. Also, unlike the 50mms, the 35 will autofocus on the...
2 pair Allen Edmonds "Sanford" model in 9e. TRADED to creampiggy for AE Brookwoods cream is a great guy to trade with, wish we had more stuff in each others sizes The black calf pair are in good condition. They have a small nick in the tip of the left toe (visible in pics). It is quite hard to see from more two feet away. If these fit my feet, I would be quite happy with them. The burgandy cobbler pair are in rougher shape. The color is flaking off in a few small spots...
Quote: Originally Posted by nordicstyle How does one do that, or even better, avoid doing that? Don't wear the vest
It's the Allen Edmonds Bel Air. http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline...val=&Widthval= just peeked at the site, and it looks like they size all the way up to 15 eee
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