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Quote: Originally Posted by Ged Any further advice on sizing? Are they true to size on length and width? I'm a 7.5-8 G but am thinking of going 8F, or if they are willing to make wide widths, 7.5 or 8G. Yes they will make G widths. I emailed Richard asking and this was his response "Yes, this is possible. Because G is not an option on the back-order page I'll need you to send me an email directly at:
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday I'd suggest moving to mostly navy socks. +1 With a half dozen pair of navy, and a couple pair each of charcoal, tan, brown, and olive you should be able to cover most situations. If you are feeling daring, throw in a couple pair in red or purple and start by wearing them with your denim.
Just to be clear, I mean more fabric selections for the shirts, not for the secret fabric signature (not sure if you were actually confused, or just quoted a random part of the post :-) )
Got an email reminding me that their "Buy 2 Get 1 free" promo is expiring on the 19th. They've made a few changes which shows they may be listening and moving in the right direction. From the email I received: "As an extra service, we are also offering customers to get their free shirt sent before the other two for any fit adjustments you'd like. After trying on the free shirt you simply send us any fit adjustments you may want and we'll make the two other shirts...
Quote: Originally Posted by minnesotamoon I got to the MOA store right when it opened and was extremely let down. As others have said it was Jacksons and other tasseled loafers. I walked out with nothing in hand. Me too. I got there probably an hour after you. Then I went to the regular Nordstroms and no joy there either (the only thing they had in my size was the delray in black). The only saving grace of the day was I hit a thrift on my way...
Doc, is that a Hardy Amies tie? If so, I picked up the same tie today while thrifting.
I use a spreadsheet. I also took a bunch of Will's lists and tweaked them for my own use and keep them with the spreadsheet. It is all a little anal retentive, but if I don't do it I am too easily led astray. I've bought 2 pair of cufflinks, and 3 squares in the last couple month even though I don't have a single french cuff shirt and haven't worn a suit/jacket in over a year.
A little OT. The other day I saw an tv clip about the "deadliest animal in the world". Turns out the deadliest animal is the mosquito (because of all the disease it spreads etc.). The show then went on to say that as far as mammals go, the deadliest animal is the whitetail deer. There are more human deaths every year caused by motor vehicle accidents with deer than by any other animal.
I picked up a pair of AE Walden's in Burgundy off of Ebay. They were described as "like new" and "worn once". Soles/insoles etc are all in great shape. The color of the shoes if horrible. It looks like somebody tried to die or antique these themselves. I can see at least 4 different colors of die/polish on the shoe. I can clearly see black, dark brown, tan/light brown, and the original burgundy. In spots I can see brush marks, and there is even tan/light brown smeared...
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