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Just sell it to a salvage yard.
tailorstore has started making MTM polos available without a logo. There is a thread about them somewhere here.
I wore my burgandy Walden's with flat front chinos today.
This one looks like it has everything you are looking for.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Galty depends on what exactly?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll Is there anything like this, except on land? Water is on my list of top three fears. You could try: Wildland Firefighting Tree Planting Inland Oil/Gas Rigs Get one of these jobs and bust your butt all summer. Then next winter when you are living in your own apartment go to the Y and learn how to swim:-)
Cedarville Store sells the Woodlore trees, and if you look in the affiliate thread, they offer a SF discount.
Check out the offerings in the Speech department, and take something that would involve public speaking. Regardless of what you do in life you will almost certainly have to speak to a group of people sometime.
What about the Christopher Ward C1 Russell Still has the small dial for the second hand, but it's a lot cleaner than a regular chronograph.
I am a US 12EEE and ordered a UK 11.5G. I emailed and asking Richard if this was correct, and he said that is the size he would recommend for me.
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