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If you are doing the Park Ave for your only black shoe, the Fifth Ave would work great as your only brown. It's the same as the Park Ave, but has a row of punches across the toe cap.
Check out You can print short runs of cards with different full color graphics/photos on each card. They also sell mini cards which are about the size of the little plastic discount club cards you are supposed to stick on your key chain. If you keep those very simple it is a great way to be remembered. Something like your name on one side and email or @twitter on the other and nothing else.
I'm in the same boat. Never sent a tweet, and still have several dozen people following me. 95% of them are vendors who either searched and found my profile mentioning my job, or found me through one of the 5-6 people I am following (all work related). They are probably looking for you to follow them in return (a lot of people automatically follow anyone who follows them). If you do then they will tweet spam all day long.
Rather than using a gift to cover up the shitty speech, use some of the money you were going to spend on the gift and find a drama/public speaking coach (check the local college), and take a few lessons. Then the bride and groom can remember the nice speech you gave (which was what you were asked to do). Then use what is left of the money (because the price of the gift isn't important) to buy a smaller more personal gift that you know they will like, and present it at the...
I saw a segment on 60 minutes or some similar show probably 10 years ago about a guy in NYC who only barters for what he needs. He is a painter and he trades paintings for whatever he needs. They followed him around as he tried like a dozen little shops in 6 hours before he found somebody who would accept one of his paintings in exchange for a toaster. It worked, but sure seemed to take a lot of effort.
Harris Tweed tagged 40L. SB, 2b, 1/2 lined, single vent. Pockets and vent are still sewn shut, Harris tag is still sewn to sleeve, I am assuming it is unworn. Let me know and I will get more pics and measurements.
I really like the St. Crispin's (never tried a pair on though).
First Jantzen shirt. Ordered April 30, Confirmed May 1, Reconfirmed with corrected price on May 2, Delivered May 14. I ordered Extrafine 8081-White poplin with Black and Blue Fine Square. The only poplins I have to compare with are cheap OTR like Enro and Van Heusen. Compared to those, the Jantzen material is thicker and heavier which I like, but it is also stiffer. I am hoping it will soften up a bit with a few wearings All the measurements and details are spot on.
If you know you are going to stay small, blogger works well and is already integrated with your other google stuff (assuming you use gmail, google docs etc.). This option requires the least work on your part, but also gives you the fewest options. It's FREE If you think you may get bigger and need more control, go with There are tons of options and plugins you can use. Much more control over design elements etc. but requires a little more work on your...
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