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Redwing Heritage 6" Beckman Round toe boots in Black Cherry Featherstone leather, size 13D, Style 9011. I like the design so much I bought them anyways even though I normally need a wide boot. Worn them about a dozen times, and they just aren't going to work for me. There are a few scuffs from normal wear and tear visible in pics, the deepest is on the outside toe of left boot, visible in pics. $250 plus shipping OBO, CONUS
The Repton double monk from Ben Silver is on sale right now for $435 (about 265 GBP) and they currently have a code to get free shipping.
Visit Heime's
Stumbled across this site today. It lists the clothing and effects of all of the recovered bodies from the Titanic. It is kind of interesting to read through.
What is your health insurance situation? Because I am self-employed, I can deduct my health insurance premiums, as well as my contributions to my HSA.
I would call Paypal (they do have a customer service number if you look around the site). Explain to them that he shipped the wrong shoes, issued a prompt refund, you shipped the shoes back and they were refused, and the seller sent an email saying he doesn't want to be contacted again regarding this. They can put a note in your account with the info so if he ever does try something he won't get his money back.
Oconnell's has some decent bucks that come in wide sizes (I wear 3E in Allen Edmonds and these fit just fine). They are Alan Payne and made in Brazil. I bought a pair of tan about a month ago and have worn them quite a few times. I will probably pick up a pair of white sometime in the future.
Will's blog is a pretty great source for info regarding the basics of a wardrobe. These two in particular are about a basic tie wardrobe for a professional.
If you aren't in a hurry, check out Sam Hober.
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele I would love Jantzen to have a few regular oxfords. Instead, they are all french oxfords. Unlucky. In the Extra Fine, there is 8281 & 8301, and in the 84xx series, there are Italian, Heavy Italian, Diamond, and Royal oxfords. There are some other Italians in the upper numbers. Not sure how these compare to a "Standard" oxford, but I would think at least some of them would work.
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