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Will this be happening when denim bar comes to NY?
I like advertising buckles, myself, I just got a bull durham buckle that I think is really cool, and I have my eye on a Schlitz one as well.
I love TJ Maxx! Such bargains. Do it. I went to a TJ Maxx and saw some Lee 101J gold label, (like you, not in my size) at a drastically reduced price, and I wish I took 'em and sold 'em on ebay, here or the other sf.
Geez, sorry for the late response, folks. End of the year delays, we'll say. Anyway, measurements are up. As for the biceps measurement, from the pit, out to the outer edge of the sleeve, it's 7.5". Still no pics, as I can't find the camera chord. Did sell a pair of jeans here once before. And I've dealt with some folks at the other sf if you need references. Might set up a PayPal account, but let me know if you're interested in paying that way. I prefer MO,...
Congrats! Also, when is Denimbar coming to NY?
Did it. Now tell me who that avatar-girl is. I'm lactose sensitive, by the way.
Monday work-bump.
Saturday morning bump!
I'd definitely rep you if I could. Very generous offer. Hope it actually goes to someone in need.
I have a Lee 101 J medium for sale. I got it from ebay, from a Japanese seller. It's just too short for my liking. Looking for $125 (check or M.O.) shipped in the US. Measurements Measurements shoulder (from the back)..........17" pit-to-pit..................................20" pit to end of sleeve...................17.75" back of collar to jacket bottom...21.5" Pics? Why thank you, don't mind if I do (these aren't mine, they're from the ebay guy, let me know if I need...
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