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So the sleeves come pre-rolled...?
Quote: Originally Posted by chicken i think i haven't been on sufu for three days straight. and i feel like i'm getting used to it. though i do feel a little cheated i'm missing tweed's dirty dozen pics. Mehh "” all he had was a 2 pics of him playing violin. I think he said he was sick this past weekend. I like to look at the miz's shoe thread, the leather evo thread, the denim evo thread, the DD +1 thread, and the FH tour thread...
poly "” we have a DD+1 question for you... Some cat wants to take your place on the Philly leg of the tour. Thoughts?
Too big, but I love the engineered jeans. The Japanese ones look like they're even better than the stuff I had.
I actually met a friend recently who wore a pair of Alden cordovan wingtips with his Warehouse x sufu x BiG contest jeans, a type 3 denim jacket and a long sleeved shirt underneath. I thought it looked pretty good. The shoes dressed up the whole look just enough without looking out of place.
Love that pic, amerikajinda! + rep!
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter listen to me, you little shit - enjoy your hair while you can. in a few years you will get a job and you will have to get a haircut, and then you will be bald. so, for now, enjoy it. you have great hair. Agree with the sentiment, the hostility "” not so much.
Quote: Originally Posted by atomicranch Anyone have any experience with Hickey's blazers (fit, sizing, quality, etc)? I'm looking at this one: Me too.
Quote: Originally Posted by aXis888x i bought some Ksubi Joey raw indigo a few weeks ago and i want to wash them so they will stay nice and dark. im really afraid that they will shrink or lose the color though. if they shrink at all they will be too small, becasue theyre already a bit tight. I don't know if I'm understanding this right, but no matter what you do, washing won't lock in color. That's why most people here don't wash their jeans...
SuperB "” You have this guy's wallet, yeah? How's it looking? No real contribution, here. I just attached a wallet chain from an old tri-fold onto my long wallet (already had a hole for it).
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