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Quote: Originally Posted by bbaquiran Was it Mick Jagger or the Keef? Slightly off-topic, but I saw Keith Richards one time around where I worked wearing black skinny jeans, and Ugg boots.
That guy you referenced is pulling it off nicely, I think.
It's getting more expensive. Don't live there, but me and my gf walk over a lot in the summers. They have the Museum of the Moving Image, sometimes they have cool films, they have exhibits that are interesting (had one on Gumby last year, I think). What more info were you looking for?
Noon EST?
A thread with a happy ending (the safe-for-work kind)!
Cendrillon's cool. It's gourmet Filipino. I like it, but then, I'm from the PI.
Well, she's been doing the "Fran on the Street" since summer, and the other ones were there close to the same time. Tell your friends!
PS And of course, feel free to bump this thread so steezers can do their good deed for the day.
She used to be the food editor until some new higher-up got hired, and now she's transferred (demoted, more like ) to the website and she needs to get eyes to her site ( She's doing the grilling, her name's Fran Carpentieri, and she's super nice, otherwise, I wouldn't even post. And my girl works with her. And feel free to copy and paste the link, by the way. Oh, and she's entertaining as hell, so you're bound to like her.
Is the ECA stack ephedrine, (or epinephrine) caffeine and aspirin? If so, I took that stuff a looooong time ago. Works wonders. I remember working on something for almost 16hrs. straight, had to force myself to eat. At the time, I didn't drink caffeine of any sort, not even soda, so it was very effective.
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