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Would the hat fit a gigantically large, Asian head (I don't know hat sizes)?
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Are jokes about analrapists better? Tobias Fünke, is that you?
Wish I had the cash to get this. It shrinks to pretty close to the right dimensions.
Are there fit pics of regular folks wearing the Katos? I think they're so interestingly designed, and Neilfuji seems like a pretty cool guy, but I don't know how these fit.
I used to wear those a long time ago, but the regular version, with the sewing in the front. I think I had 3 pairs of them, in different colors, wore it most of the summer. They don't any arch support, so if you're actually gonna be pounding the pavement a lot, these aren't the best. But they looked cool, or so I thought/think. Also, I remember somebody I know saying that once they got wet, the rope sole started deteriorating like crazy.
Quote: Originally Posted by sbbbjm i'm assuming that line of stitching on the back pockets is removable right? they drive me crazy for some reason That might be the stitching holding the half lining in place.
I don't mind it. The cut doesn't look atrocious, but then I got a bootcut myself. Didn't like the pre-distressed ones, and it doesn't look like they have the dry-looking one. Price ain't bad, though, right? Let us know how it fades, if you do get it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Souper definitely interested here. When's this launching, and when will it be available? I need some lightweight stuff and have been interested to trying bamboo for this summer. You're gonna fucking love it. That shit is soft, breathable (maybe even more than linen, without that wrinkling problem), drapey but not clingy.
How many constitutes a bulk order? And measurements?
Used to go to Mid City Gym (the one on 49th Street) back in the day. No frills. The owner's cool, too, I remember. Low key, but super friendly. Strangely enough, I saw him again when he went and bought the gym in Bayonne and turned it into another Mid City Gym.
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