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Quote: Originally Posted by robbie I was too distracted by the cover.
One of those Rugby Ralph Lauren watches with the multi colored bands. Pic:
Anybody know anywhere in NYC to get Rugby's vintage watches? Been looking online and all I can gather is that they sell 'em in the Hamptons. Thanks.
whatu "” How do you make the SJs (actually all of them) fit in the calves like that? It doesn't look as tapered, more straight all the way down the leg? Is it just large calf muscles?
Quote: Originally Posted by wiru epic fades + epic cred Whatever happened to his jeans? Don't remember where to look on sufu. Didn't kiya do something similar with a homeless cook? Sorry for the threadjack.
What about those Manila shirt? As an expat, I'd like to know if I can kop. Are they even based in the Philippines?
Unfortunate chest measurement...
Will a large that supposedly wears as a medium be good?
Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 damn, homeboy didnt change his pants once all year? Or cut his hair. It was his video project, so I salute his dedication.
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