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Quote: Originally Posted by chiral What do people think about the new 'Made in Monochrome' docs up at oki-ni? I'm seriously considering the black ones. http://www.oki-ni.com/invt/drm0001blk I have absolutely zero problems with these. They look outstanding. I used to have pair of the 3 eyelet ones with yellow stitching, and have fond memories of them. The insoles were a different, pleasant experience. I worked as a bartender and even with the...
Quote: Originally Posted by longskate88 Instead of thinking, "Am I interesting enough? Will she like me?" turn it around, remove the spotlight from yourself, and put it on the other person. This time, say "Are YOU interesting enough for ME?" This is key. Stop trying to get them to like you. See if you like them. Quote: Originally Posted by longskate88 T Also, don't put the pussy on a pedestal ; ) Cosign,...
Will you be getting smaller sizes of Filson's Downstream jacket? What would you say a guy w/ a 39" chest would get in these for winter?
Don't use deodorant, so can't weigh in on that. Underwear count? Because I'm a big fan of boxer briefs. Always dark, usually Calvins (85% of the time).
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint shit, mine's starting to thin whenever it feels like it. Funny because it's sadly true. I used to get it cut shorter in the warm weather, but now that it's thinned out on top, I get a modified buzz regardless of the season.
I like the looks of the Axelman. Like an M65 or a Belstaff. I think ddml might've had one once upon a time. I hear they're pretty sturdy.
Quote: Originally Posted by heyheyhey I'm suprised that they aren't promoting the crappy pre-creased raws a lot of stores are selling. You mean all wrinkly? Or just creased at like the knees and crotch?
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie I was too distracted by the cover.
One of those Rugby Ralph Lauren watches with the multi colored bands. Pic:
Anybody know anywhere in NYC to get Rugby's vintage watches? Been looking online and all I can gather is that they sell 'em in the Hamptons. Thanks.
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