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Maybe this guy's too young, but Igby in "Igby Goes Down". I like Ralph Lauren himself. I knew this Japanese cat who knew karate, taught himself (and now teaches) Muay Thai kickboxing and dressed pretty cool. Loose jeans cuffed (he wore Evisus way back in the day) chain wallet, tight-ish shirt and or tank top. Either high top sneaks or boots. I thought it was hella cool.
I work around 17th Street. But I think anywhere in Manhattan is doable. I just don't want to be disappointed when I get it back.
Wow, didn't even see that one coming. Anybody know a dry cleaning place that does that in NY?
I have a toggle coat, and the toggles are made of what looks like wood, with varnish, attached to the coat with rope, or what looks like rope. Do I just send it off to the dry cleaners, or is there a special thing I should do to keep the wood from damage. I think I read I should wrap them in something, but I can't remember what.
I like the details on the Prps, but that dart thing on the back of the knees would be way too low if the inseam's not in the 30" range for me.
Yup. It's a little conspicuous, but it works. My wallets have had a tendency to get lost before.
Sorry to sound ignorant. I'm in the same boat as turbo, I was looking online and Prps had longish inseams. Where in Ny can I find those 30-31 inch inseam Prpses? In the one wash sounds really good, they overdistress some of those things. Thanks.
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