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Quote: Originally Posted by SVC I don't doubt it. I just don't like the implicit passing off of product as a "great deal" when the seller is probably making 6x his money on every pair of jeans. Sure, the market will set whatever price it sets, but it's just a matter of principle to me, nothing more. Definitely tempted by the 30x30s as well, but don't need more jeans. Before I bought my jeans from rabid, I was looking at someone else's sf...
Legit seller. If the 30s were longer, I'd be tempted to get them, as well. Quote: Originally Posted by SVC In store, these were selling for $12. $20, plus the 40% off for final sale. mehh, went to a J Crew store, they were out. That's why I bought of this guy. Still a lot less than on the website.
Are the 32 x 32s still around?
Quote: Originally Posted by truestorytravis [url]I don't think this has been discussed here. I just saw this on the Selectism website and I thought it would appeal to the EG/Woolrich/choose-your-Americana/Workwear-label lovers. I'm assuming it's a Japan-only deal. Does anyone know any more about this collection? EG/Levi's is exactly what I was thinking. The type 1 jean jacket with same-color stitching reminds me of the Type 2 that EG did...
Lemme know the measurements of the plaid, last one. Pleaseā€¦?
^ ^ ^ Someone's on the internet early... Out of curiosity, did the leather get shinier or duller? Ever spit shine it?
Hate matchy-matchy. I went to school with a guy who color-coordinated his accessories (e.g.Red sneaks, red belt, red baseball cap). Drove me insane. Sometimes he'd match his tees to it, too. How the fuck can so many color variations of the same thing? To me, that's the same thing with brands.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 i have the monochrome black shoes and boots, a pair of 14 hole oxblood boots from 1992, steel-toed 10 hole black boots from 1990 all in heavy rotation still. Can we have pics? Especially the monochromes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I just bought new pair of the cherry red 3 eyelet MIE shoe cuz for some reason my current oxblood 3 eyelets from the 90s seem to fit smaller in length (the shoe hasnt shrunk but has my foot grown???). either that or i need to clip my toenail so it doesnt jab into the front of the shoe everytime I walk Your arch might have fallen a tad. Causing the foot to lengthen just a bit. One of the effects of aging.
I've got at least 3 Energie shirts that I'll wear every now and then. I've got a pair of Levi's jeans that are predistressed, with the patched up holes on 'em. Reclaimed or recovered, rediscovered or something, they were called.
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