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Would you say the shoes are TTS? What do you wear in, say, Vans slip ons or Authentics?
Quote: Originally Posted by YuppieSkuppie My Vibergs after a few months use. This is after giving them some love, but they need a whole lot more polishing. ] Quote: Originally Posted by DrunkenMist Do you have model number for these boots I would like to pick up a pair if they are still available. Me too. Are these the service boots? I'm a big fan of these.
Quote: Originally Posted by Panzeraxe II The CPO is awesome - wish that was my size. Me too. J Crew is out of them, by the way. Hope you sell it soon.
CPO shirt is awesome. Is it black or that peacoat blue? Might be too small for me as well . Can I has p-2-p and s-2-s?
Quote: Originally Posted by SVC I don't doubt it. I just don't like the implicit passing off of product as a "great deal" when the seller is probably making 6x his money on every pair of jeans. Sure, the market will set whatever price it sets, but it's just a matter of principle to me, nothing more. Definitely tempted by the 30x30s as well, but don't need more jeans. Before I bought my jeans from rabid, I was looking at someone else's sf...
Legit seller. If the 30s were longer, I'd be tempted to get them, as well. Quote: Originally Posted by SVC In store, these were selling for $12. $20, plus the 40% off for final sale. mehh, went to a J Crew store, they were out. That's why I bought of this guy. Still a lot less than on the website.
Are the 32 x 32s still around?
Quote: Originally Posted by truestorytravis [url]I don't think this has been discussed here. I just saw this on the Selectism website and I thought it would appeal to the EG/Woolrich/choose-your-Americana/Workwear-label lovers. I'm assuming it's a Japan-only deal. Does anyone know any more about this collection? EG/Levi's is exactly what I was thinking. The type 1 jean jacket with same-color stitching reminds me of the Type 2 that EG did...
Lemme know the measurements of the plaid, last one. Pleaseā€¦?
^ ^ ^ Someone's on the internet early... Out of curiosity, did the leather get shinier or duller? Ever spit shine it?
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