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Hour and 45 each way. I carpool from WInston Salem to Durham. Almost 6 months.
Where're you getting 'em? I've been waiting on that line ever since I heard about them late last year!
I'm looking at getting the Yuketen Sport Chukka boot. I'm a size 8 in Vans. I can get a 7.5 in the Yuketens or an 8.5. The online SA says that the 7.5 is close to 10", and says that I should prob. get the 8.5, because they don't have an 8. They do have a 7, which according to their measurements is just shy of 10". Any advice? I don't want to buy it just have it sent back. If it's really TTS, and I'm an 8 in that shoe, then I don't need to buy it. For the price, it's got...
Got-my-item bump.
Nope. He didn't have to coax me into doing anything. I'm glad I didn't have drama. And I'm sorry Beat did. End of story.
PM'd regarding the chambray.
I'd like to rep for Harbin. I'm sorry for what happened to BeatLA, (I've had the same happen to me over at sufu, and I never got my cash back, so I sympathize) but I dealt with Harbin and got my item with absolutely no drama.
Wish I didn't have the cheaper buckle and belt. That is still tempting at that price, regardless.
You still have the 2 blue SA shirts?
Got-my-Quoddys-bump. Really good communications, and fast delivery, too.
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