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I fully agree with you on the Lunars... it's the reason I was happy they started making Airmax Flyknits. That being said, while it doesn't work for me personally, I believe Flyknit is better suited on shoes like the Lunar. The Airmax line has always tended to be heavier, so it's a bit of a weird contrast with the upper being SOOO much lighter than the bottom part. Not a big deal though.
I dig it!
Can't go wrong with these items.
^^^ Looks wonderful. Now I'm hungry again :-/.
We need to resurrect this thread... Rae Sremmurd...Sremmlife... Best album of 2015?
The original Hyperdunk might have been the best basketball shoe I ever wore on the court.I dunno, I wasn't a fan of the newer ones, but I might have to give them another shot after your recommendation.
Recently copped the Airmax Flyknit multis... really messin wit em.
Mortal Kombat X is good, but I'm still stuck in the Marvel Vs. Capcom fighting mentality. Really hope they make a 4th one :-/
Fuck the vid, but I love the song.
Just copped the washed grey dot chambray and absolutely love it. My closet is easily 40-50% Epaulet. I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here, but I do like to show my appreciation from time to time... Thanks again for years and years of wonderful shirts/pants!
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