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OP, how long has the new guy been working there?
Ah, I see. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do to prevent your boss's crazed obsession with the new guy, however, you can still solidify your position at the company. Stack your knowledge up and keep doing a fanfuckingtastic job on everything that has the privilege of crossing your desk. Most of all, make sure that your feelings towards this new bromance stay hidden. I'm not sure how perceptive your boss is, but if he notices that you are not a fan of this new...
Preaching to the choir here, but... Jiro Dreams of Sushi!
Beach House on repeat.
I need a time machine.
Out of curiosity, how old are you and what do you do? That being asked, at quick glance, I agree with dexterhaven.
Beautiful looking piece!
Mission Workshop one looks dope. Also, welcome to the forum!
Any thoughts? One more winter, one more time .
I fuck with the Ab-Liva track though. Beat is aiiiiiiiite.
New Posts  All Forums: