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Preach on brother. And leggings are fan-fucking-tastic.
My New Year's Wish? Bring back the Navy Marl Lambswool in Walt one last time . Size 36 bro! On a serious note (not that Navy Marl Lambswool isn't serious, serious business), everyone have a safe and Happy New Years. Seeya all in 2012.
Just was singing this right-t-t-t-t now. Hate Jay's verse, but 3k is TOO NICE.
Bonerific is a good way to describe how I feel when I look at this picture. Too much?
Good way to start the day.
JapanAlex arguing about Illmatic wasn't the problem, just he would try to fight too many battles at once. Not only did he not like the Nas album, he didn't like Pac, he felt MIA was the best rap album of all time, etc. etc. It was hard to take his advice on mainstream hiphop because he was the furthest thing from mainstream hip hop.And on a side note, he said gall, not gal (Bold, impudent behavior: "the gall to demand a fee". Thank you Google dicitionary). JapanAlex is a...
Sorry to hear, good luck with everything.
+1. The Phonte joint had some songs I really, really liked, but both albums were ok overall.
I hope you find this man. I bought this in medium when it first came out, and I can tell you that it's amazing.
Thanks again.
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