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Dear Styleforum, Don't sleep on the Desert Ducks! Get them while you still can! Sincerely, A Concerned Citizen
Not to my knowledge; I think the bigger issue would be with selection options. I feel if I only bought children's clothing that my wardrobe would be quite limited. Mind you, I am probably not the right person to answer this question, but figured I would take a stab at it anyways! Either way, welcome to Styleforum!
That's my understanding. My winter walts definitely fit a bit snugger than my thin fabric counterparts.
All depends on your size. I personally love BOO, but it's rather slim.
I can't identify that, but that's really nice Crunch. Hope ya find it one day.
Great find good sir! You just saved me a shitload of Googling.
If I wear a 36 in the Walts (great fit), would a 36 work for the Rivet Chinos as well? My only concern is the thighs being too big... Thanks in advance. Duck Canvas FTW.
There is a plethora of knowledge here and the people are awesome. That being said... Nice to meet you!
Dear Epaulet, Please restock on the Shetland Cardigan in Black Grape Marl. It's getting cold and I need some warm, comfy cardigan action to keep me arms length away from Jack Frost and his winter minions. Signed, A Concerned Citizen
Sigh. All this talk about navy marl is making me sad. Hopefully they reissue later this year so I can style it with the rest of my Epaulet gear .
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