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Bit of a resurrection here, but I am also a fan of pocket knives. I was wondering if you knew what the current carrying laws are in NYC? Someone informed me that it's now technically illegal to have any LOCKING BLADE, which I find beyond absurd if true. Any validity in this claim?BTW, beautiful Mcusta. Been eying a Yoroi myself.
Corduroy Tweed Chino as the ultimate way to start 2013? Hey, it could happen.
I'll check it out. I fuck with Purity Ring already.
I agree. I thought the Lupe album, as a whole, was pretty weak.
My favorite rap album of this year, easily.
Lol. You can make healthy Indian food too. It's how ya cook it brah!
Made me lol.
LMAOs are the sweet nectar of life.
Just a quick observation, but you seem very rigid (I could be completely wrong, just making an educated guess). Force yourself to go out to new places. It doesn't matter the location, but you definitely need to get out of your comfort zone. It's a big world and you never know who you will bump into out there. Make living a more enjoyable life be the objective, not women. Women will fall into place when the time is right. You can't expect to flip the switch overnight. It's...
Freshness... and I don't even like camo pants.
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