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W+H CDG Epaulet
First and foremost, kudos on the 5k. It's amazing what the human body can do with hard work and consistency. Above all though, I hope you are having fun in the process .
God speed.
Agreed. I'd go Gronk, Reed, Olsen.
Not sure if it's your cup of tea, but ever think about koppin one on Ebay and resoling them? My boy used to do that with Alden shoes all the time. Then again, I think Alden would do it at the factory for a flat price, 100 dollars I think. Either way, I'll let you know if something turns up.
Which ones are ya eying and what price range are you looking to spend? I'll keep an eye out.
Yep, anyone care to speculate on where Romo ends up next year? I'm thinking the Jets.
Great squad, but I'm still leaning towards the Raiders in regards to WRs. Might make the argument for the Saints, but Drew Brees makes anyone look good.
Honestly my favorite daily sneaker. Side zippers are a lazy man's dream.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it! NDG Passarella Death Squad Epaulet W+H
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