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Hey Mike! I PM'd ya, but figured this might be a quicker way to reach you. So glad I checked my emails a couple nights ago. I can't believe I've been ranting and raving for you to bring back the corduroy tweed pants and I almost miss the entire batch. You know, I take a few months away from Styleforum and this is what happens... . Anywho, just had a question on the sizing. It's been ages since I've bought a Walt, so I'm wondering, if I rock a Rivet Chino in Size 35,...
For nostalgic purposes, but I'm willing to pay much higher than current resale value. The better the quality, the higher the price! That being stated, I am looking for the waxed cotton versions, no melton wool field jackets please.
+1, that spicy chicken sandwich is by far one of my favorite items to get off of any fast food menu. On a side note, I recently tried Small Cheval. I can't compare them to Au Cheval, since I've never had it, but the house style bacon cheeseburger I had was dope (Definitely recommend getting it house style). Also, the golden fries were surprisingly very good and they actually had Fresca! I can't remember the last time I went out and a place had that. As icing on the cake,...
All three of these places sound delicious. I look forward to trying at least one of them when I go to Chicago in a couple of weeks. I see Au Cheval has a place called Small Cheval just for burgers. Can anyone attest that they taste the same as the main joint?
+1. Not sure if that helps the OP as they didn't mention anything about competitive gaming, but I just thought this was good advice.
Would love to see a real fit pic of this one. I don't think I'd be able to pull this off but curious to know how you style this.
This thread is inspiring me to get back on my grind like Tony Hawk. Keep up the good work everyone .
I know this is 5 years late, but it made me laugh. Well played sir!
Awesomeness, I'll definitely be swinging by the shop in the Fall.Thanks again for the good news Mike. Happy Friday indeed .
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