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NADA and KBB a decent starting point, but accounting for things like the father/son work. You won't have that taken into account. Also, if you really want a particular combo - like an interlagos Blue E46 M with ZCP, you might have to play the piper a bit.
@ridethecliche - I've never a Miata, have ridden one, and cracks me to see some old guy a Miata lap Mustang GTs in a 20 minute session. I don't see anything wrong with it if you don't need the space.
I don't think the 325 is a good choice for a car to work on or fix. It's not E9x or F3/8x level complex, but the E4x cars are still fairly complicated because of the electronics and the modules. A friend of mine had an LCI E46 and the windows wouldn't go down and we both tried to fix it. It ended up needing a new module that cost ~$400. They're great cars when they're running, but not so much fun when they're not.
I want to have a beer with @HRoi and a glass of wine with @Piobaire
It's 'cars we drive', and the recent vibe has been great. There are great ones across all price points. The experience is what matters. None of us on here are Bill Gates.
Considering my daily driver will have 800+ HP and 800+ ft-lb, I assure you the track car (which I alluded to in a previous post), won't be boring. Snap oversteer is an issue because it fundamentally says a car is unbalanced. The same can be said of other things like many regular cars understeer. A normal road car should be neutral.I exclude many fast cars from that criteria, but you need to be at least at 911 level.
If you haven't done ED before, you're in for an amazing treat.
What about adding the 240 into the mix?
I've been out of touch with the recent move, but solid stuff posted here. Also LeMans was a nail biter and Porsche's humility was great to see. My P85D was rear ended (very minor damage) at, of all places, Google Headquarters. As a bit of good news, my P90D entered the production queue today. Obsidian black metallic on black interior with the silver 21" turbine wheels. Now for the track car...the process is chugging along. The whole experience of moving here and talking...
This has been a rumor for awhile. More than any other car company, I hate and love McLaren and Tesla for so many incremental changes. They even put Porsche to shame in that department. I think Ron Dennis and Elon Musk operate in some world that sounds right in their OCD brains.
New Posts  All Forums: