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Please quote the most useful contribution you've posted to this thread persian bro. I love your ad hominem replies by the way.
Sad part is that you don't live in Texas.
A friend of mine had his house designed by RKM in Philly, build should start soon.
Agree fully on this. The 450 is like BMW's M Sport and Audi's S line. - not the full AMG, M, or RS models in that segment.
I've always loved Vettel because he knew there was so much more to his success than himself. He's bowed down to his cars, constantly given credit to Newey and has been a witty guy in interviews. He has 4 F1 championships - hard to knock on that. I think the move to Ferrari was to take on a new challenge because of the dominance of the split Mercedes turbo engine and how restricted teams are in what they can change.
Oh look, an automatic transmission F1 Mercedes car posing on the track:How cute.
Boom, you nailed it with incredible wit.
Did you have a brain before or after I said the X3 and i3 or not good cars?Also, the X1 is terrible, the F1x 5/6 (non M's) have terrible EPS, and the S class is better than the 7 series.You're also the only imbecile that capitalizes the first letter of my username.
It was sarcasm - MB is making both versions. The non-coupe should be great.Automatic right? @persian bro @jet
Did you miss the 12? Well I'm guessing you did.
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