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@chogall - I think we're on the same wavelength. I do want to add that I have a huge observational bias towards SNDK and INTC. My advisor in grad school was one of the co-founders of SNDK and Eli Harari was one of his post-docs. Your grouping makes a lot of sense - I think few people would see how similar VMW and Palantir are for example beyond being software companies. My initial point was simply about what the face of the company means. For example, Palantir likely...
I think we're drifting quite a bit from my initial point.The Chinese guys are doing well because of - a Chinese firewall.What Brin and Page did with Backrub/PageRank was fundamentally different and innovative; I doubt any comp sci or math person would take that away. What Zuck did with FB's social media curation was fundamentally different. What Jobs did...well, nearly wherever he tried was different. What Gates did in making command line and GUI OSs mainstream was...
I wouldn't put Musk in the same league as the opportunistic Chinese and Russians. I think Musk constantly thinks of stuff and wants it to exist, which is definitely not wolfish.I have a ton of respect for people like the ones you listed (I'd add Robin Li as well). I meant more in terms of what one person means to a company looking back.
I'm guessing the Prince royalties perturbed the banks up there.
Wow, I'll definitely follow this thread. First, off, all the best on whatever happens and 26 isn't old - hold your head up high. Do you have any other obligations (you mentioned the family situation) as in a girlfriend, personal matters etc.?
Yeah to the last sentence.Apple was, is, and will be Steve Jobs. I'm sure there are plays, both short and long, where you can make money on AAPL, but I wouldn't bet the house/YOLO/leverage on them.On the successful companies side, there are two types of founders/CEOs. One is the Gates, Edison, Rockefeller, Watson, Ford, etc. type that realize when their company and products are a commodity and put together a transition plan that acknowledges that and they move on to legacy...
I can't believe it's been the better part of half a decade since this: https://www.apple.com/pr/library/2011/08/24Letter-from-Steve-Jobs.html After their recent earnings, I wonder if the innovation hysteresis that Jobs left behind has been finally used up. It'd be a shame, because Apple is one of a handful of larger (>$10B; obviously AAPL is way beyond that) Si Valley companies that I respect.
As noted in the article, it's almost certainly a white wrap underneath.
Some of our wannabe painters here could learn a thing or two from the pros:Some Lunatic Rattle-Canned A $237,000 LamborghiniThe USC of the East Coast
This is a tribute to Nintendo, Mario Kart, and Miyamoto from all of us who camped outside of a video game store in 1996. Rainbow Road - Tesla style:
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