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I know I don't post here much these days. I just jumped on to bow to the team at Kent Wang. A friend of mine is getting married and I use weddings as an excuse for a new suit, shoes, etc. Anyhow, the wedding is Nov 1st and I ordered a pocket square from Kent Wang. They shipped a different shade of blue than what I ordered. They offered to cover my return shipping and I said no (it was an honest mistake). I then went out of town to take care of my mom and I came back and...
BMW, MB and Audi are phoning in the use of ///M, AMG and S-Line on their cars. It's pointless. That's what makes it particularly sad when someone puts the ///M trunk logo on a 320i M Sport (my guess based on single exhaust and single pipe, though not familiar with the Japanese market) Whoever owns that car should've gone full bore delusional and went with the ///M3 instead of the ///M and beat BMW to the punch on the F30.
Any reason the ML is out? I've had both the X5 xDrive 35i and FX37s as company cars recently and went to test drive the ML and loved it quite a bit. I'm a huge BMW nut (though admittedly a GT and not SUV guy), but would begrudgingly rank that segment ML, X5, FX and Q7 after having driven all of them. The FX is decent as far as SUVs go, but it's way too Japanese...the 45 different icons on the nav system, the horrid little heated seat knobs etc. all bothered me.
In some fairness to MB, the W204 C and the E92 3 came out within months of each other and the C coupe follows the C sedan's lines more than the E90 versus the E92. However, on the coupe, the Hoffmeister kink, the shape of the B pillar and door lines and the creases are very E92. If they went with shadow line trim, they could've achieved even better parity with the E92 M.
I'm completely unqualified to talk about the topic. My only car is a Toyota Corolla with a 4A-F engine. I've also never worked on anything other than a facial.
Audi has proven time and time again that you can screw up full-time AWD. It's not just a fun factor - I'd say the E92 M3 wants to push, but it generally wants to go where the steering wheel is pointed. The RS4 feels crummy in comparison. Two things need to be separated out from this: Fundamental advantages of AWD (4 contact patches for engine braking, grip on throttle, etc.) and fundamental disadvantages of AWD (limited ability to induce manual oversteer, etc.). Porsche...
Absolutely gorgeous shoes.
We work for the same company, no?
It's not so much the difficulty. I just think it'd be tawdry.
Lady Gaga would opt for a queen.
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