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Whatever happened to the greats like Ed and Vox?
With the 8 version of their software, I think the Tesla S ludy cars would kill the M4 on a track. Super impressive as a 2200kg family sedan. And the M4 is a somewhat quick thing. I've been amazed for the past week plus.
Broke off the car's Lightning connector and it got stuck in my phone. Second time in a month of owning the car. I guess it's a penalty for having this thing. I wasn't even racing anything but kinda punched it. It's not a badly designed holder either. Tweezers got the piece out of the lightning port. Guessing Tesla will do another 'courtesy service' and give me a free lunch.
Did not know that. BMW did not for any Euro Delivery, but they were US spec cars. Again, I shouldn't have been cynical across the board. But if you badge delete a Tesla 70D or a 328i - it's pretty obvious what the car is. Please delete the brand stuff as well.When I'm driving behind a badge delete 328i or something that still has the manufacturer's logos on, I find it really pathetic.Porsche does tend to clutter things up, but offer a factory option. I think they're the...
I should've been less cynical. I hate it more on cars like BMWs and Teslas which don't have cluttered logos. I'll give the Porsche guys a pass in retrospect - especially because it's a factory option and not a dental floss option.
I think de-badging is a complete douche move. People say it makes the car look cleaner. If so, why don't you take the BMW or Porsche or Tesla logo off as well - invariably the marquee is left on. Anyone that knows a shit about the brand will know what the car is anyway.Usually, de-badged cars are the lowest end model. I doubt HRoi de-badges his GT4.
It's hardly a wait. A couple of minutes at worst. But there can be a line around lunch time and people respect it. Also, Tesla is doing a huge promo event there so there are a few company cars charging as well.She just drove past the small line. She also did one of worst parking jobs I've seen. What pissed me and the couple of people behind me off was her attitude.Also,I don't think they can install more for now. Real estate + they're net neutral solar and each...
I can wear a suit if need be. Much more comfortable in lulu sweatpants in charcoal and an American apparel t shirt in white though. Both purchased on sale of course. The rest of you would have to bring up the SF side of the game. Also I didn't scream at her, but the words were choice.The Skyline was one of my dream cars growing up and my favorite in Gran Turisimo. The only cars that beat it for me were the XJ220, F40, F50, and obviously the F1.That entire lineage all the...
You're sounding like GF. Glad to see your youth back I need to find mine.
We should put together a show. It'd be super fun imo. You, FF, GF, HRoi, Dino, and our Captain Slow Piob.
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