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Condition: excellent
It either goes for $8 or $8000. Though at $8k, I might consider this: http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/5333442607.html Misspelling Infiniti, check, two crashes, check, for SALE/For sale ¡¡¡¡¡¡, check, rebuilt title, check, 126k miles, check. $8k is a bargain. It'd be like getting a McLaren F1 for free.
I would buy it just for the back story as long as I could become friends with guy and tell my friends about the 'friend' I bought the car from. For lack of grammar, I likely wouldn't introduce him to any of my friends - he'd be in the cloud and mysterious.
He said fairly loaded - which means dropping pretty much every option including the CCBs/leather/M suspension/DCT/metallic paint/yada yada.Mine wasn't remotely that close, but I paid to have one of the first 20 made.
Dead ~7% off euro wholesale on an M car. I've been talking with my CA about the next. He's 5 EDs ahead of me and not much older than me. It's also why the M4 makes so much sense to lease (track car, the residual is based of MSRP, the MSDs lower the money factor, yada yada) and the Tesla is more economical to buy outright.
It's pretty annoying. I'm not sure if it's still the same, but when I ordered mine, the wheels/castors were a last minute option at checkout.
You're the moronic rambling Yoda of SF. As I see from your posts, you like some German cars, but hate all of them. An impressive feat of logic. Also, did you just start a bulleted list with one bullet/dash item?
They won't ED cars they also make outside of Germany (unless something changed recently - like in the last 2 days). The discount is ~7% off wholesale, which makes it pretty significant. Find the right client advisor and they will make you an offer you can't refuse, assuming you're in the market for a BMW.
With BMW, an ED is the way to go in lieu of a CPO. Essentially the same or cheaper price than a CPO. I've had friends literally just fly over, drive the car in a loop for a day and fly back and come out ahead. Porsche doesn't offer a discount, but I believe several other European car companies do on cars made there.
I think the Surface Pro, Yoga, etc. kill it in that segment. I'm not seeing where it's going. It's a MacBook Pro/Air without a real keyboard - well you can buy one, but it then it gets really close to the MBA in cost and size.For work, Google and Microsoft don't care about Apple. I guess it can be an expensive Google Docs/365 device.If you want a Wacom, just get a desktop and a...wait for it...Wacom. The niche for the iPad Pro is an illustrator on the go.
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