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It still amazes me that BMW stumbled ass backwards into the E30 M 3 decades ago because of homologation rules and still make the best cars in that segment.
You should always miss an M car when you're not in it.
There's a thread for that in DT noob.
It happens all the time with the local bicycle food delivery guys where I live.It pisses me off that they wear clipless pedal and are too lazy to clip out of without leaning on my car. I have clipless pedals on my bike, but I don't pretend every car is a place to prop me up.
TC is balla. My only hope is that he has to suffer by driving from their George Bush airport to Katy twice a day. Otherwise, I'm just jealous.
My take on it is you have to view it as a broader picture with your lifestyle. First within the house itself, some people want a McMansion in the middle of nowhere. Then there are those who want to work with a great architect to build a small place in a great location.Three of my friends recently built 3 houses spanning those ranges in way or another. McMansion, historical home, and architect.I live in a 740 sq. ft. studio in a nice building and for a long time never even...
Please quote the most useful contribution you've posted to this thread persian bro. I love your ad hominem replies by the way.
Sad part is that you don't live in Texas.
A friend of mine had his house designed by RKM in Philly, build should start soon.
Agree fully on this. The 450 is like BMW's M Sport and Audi's S line. - not the full AMG, M, or RS models in that segment.
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