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Costco and whoever sells the GF's favorite booze.
No one knows.
I don't know what this is, but i'll post it: Edit, that's my dead pan sarcasm.
That's interesting. Is there some mode combination that you can put it into that manages it differently?In my case, if I usually drive with a certain throttle response mode and shifting mode. If I'm stuck in traffic, but go a bit harder than the other cars previously, I can hear the turbos are kept spooled up (even at idle) based on what I was doing before.
This is one of the places where it makes some sense from a customer standpoint. I presume yours is a plugin? My friend got a Prius plug-in just to get the three stickers.It's a moronic law here. When it was pouring rain a few weeks ago, the 405 traffic rolled like molasses - well it often does, just made worse by having a HOV lane, which I think is a terrible idea altogether.
I'm pretty cynical on hybrids. They were great for kicking off the electrification movement after the EV1. Now, it's generally an overcomplicated powertrain. I'm fine with forced induction engines - and the nicer ones are phenomenal these days.I drive my 'automatic' turbocharged car nearly everyday in SoCal traffic and it's amazing how well the engine is in managing the turbos down to many levels of obsession (separate post if needed). I wouldn't dismiss them off hand.
Meh on short term investing. Investing is about believing in yourself and having intuition.
Elon will say something moronic and awkward during the conference call. It'll start with 'Umm...well I think...'#mancrush
Hmm...I think every major automaker already sells an order of magnitude more cars than TSLA as of today.
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