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Huh? I'd rather have had some potassium chloride and electrolytes in me via an IV than not. And you're assuming they were hammered and I should kill them for doing the right thing. My friends aren't idiots.Edit: On a lighter note - gorgeous Sunday morning drive. Normally hate vertical photos, but this deserved it. Best part was chasing an Interlagos Blue E39 M5 towards the end.Now bring on the pizza and the NFL.
Just like Larry Craig in an airport restroom.https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Craig_scandal
Weird story. My drivers license was suspended as of yesterday. I was super confused as to why. I texted my lawyer and he looked into and called me back. It turns out that they deeemed unsafe to drive because of me sorta passing out at my friends wedding in Texas. Not driving; at a fucking dinner table. The one glass of champagne likely wasn't the the culprit. The long work weeks leading up to it are likely what got me the ambulance to ER treatment. Not a DUI or me...
65k and we have a deal.
While I disagree about the cars, definitely need to check out the jet black in person. Sexy as fuck.Also the plus sized models don't make much sense imo if you have a tablet of your choosing. Hotspots are free with VZ (unsure with other carriers) and I'm fine just carrying the regular 7 most of the time.
The dot is also 50 bucks and not 129. I'm hoping they both duke it out and Microsoft and Apple join just so there are enough reference points for Samsung to copy.
You're correct, let's give them both time. Microsoft as well. The Dot was 50 bucks, so not exactly something nuts.
That's an awesome combo. Throw on some tunes and enjoy the drive.
Nah, just what I've seen in Atlanta and California, but I would be curious to see the numbers.Also, piob, you are a mans man, can't you just punch the roof out when needed?
The CF was default in the configurator online. However, it didn't end up that way in the real world. But the S65, so so fun to wind out.
New Posts  All Forums: