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Great points. I do wonder if they're testing the waters. The 2016 iPhone has very little to lose because it should be just an incremental update. It seems that might be the logic. Apple can say the lack of a headphone jack is the salt in the salad with this update.An OLED, more Intel, new form factor iPhone next year should be great.
We're all At the tail end of my self imposed two week vacation (where you all had to deal with my terrible humor) comes a road trip to further north in California this weekend with my two great friends from grad school and their better halves. I couldn't sleep a wink tonight. A car can cost $1k, 100k or 1000k but at the end of the day, stuff like a road trip with friends makes life awesome.
I try to do my best. My sarcasm is worst at best and pathetic at...well whatever.
Get State Farm.
That's a terrible idea because those people are in cars valued at 'nothing to lose'.
Lol. This could turn into another drama. Hard to hate on the gf though. This sounds like a typical fix. A week at worst.
You can always donate the Macan and GT4 to the ramuman fund I set up a few pages back. It's like George's Human Fund in Seinfeld.
Don't you have a few modern cars?
First off, proud of you for coming along quickly with the new car.I'd never use the parking brake. I think you'll eventually only have to get partially off the clutch and on the throttle a bit. It'll sorta feel like creep on a torque converter automatic at some point.Hills are a bitch starting out. Just make sure to not practice with a car behind you.
New Posts  All Forums: