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There would be white collar muggings over it. You'd probably get beat up at your Harvard reunion and have the keys stolen.
Could you imagine the collector value of a Porsche 911 GT2 RS Nike in Michael Jordan Bulls red metallic?
Verizon Said to Announce $4.8 Billion Yahoo Takeover Monday In related news, Comcast is rumored to be purchasing Lycos. Mayer's reaction:
Well, not the same as a car because of the huge mass delta with a freight truck, but from a physics standpoint it is the same linearly (assuming the stationary car is in drive and not park or neutral).What Vader and brokencycle said about losing control / spinning is obviously different (explained a bit below - the impulse is the same, but the consequences are different from a loss of control standpoint)Impulse would be the same in both cases however because the relative...
Damn CG, glad you're okay, but like was said, get a thorough physical evaluation. I mean thorough; a brain MRI should be on order (don't settle for a CT). Any sort of pain/discomfort, and physical therapy should be on the list.
There was supposed to be a 'sarcasm' after the # hashtag.No, ~2-3 month further production delays on the S and X that have already been ordered relative to their original delivery timeline just 1-2 months ago, unknown on the III, but it might actually hit it's target.The Fremont plant is scaling incredibly well, maybe ahead of schedule as a whole (no sarcasm on this). I think the logic is the S and X are relatively old and the III will garner the most press when it launches.
The GT4 isn't doing it for you?
Uh oh. I will say it is an absolute blast of a car. My best friend has one in Rhodium Silver Metallic. It's a go-kart for adults, probably only bettered by the GT4 (hey HRoi) and the Lotus Exige S.
Tesla is a company that we haven't seen in about a century since Edison/GE. They have something fun for all of us coming soon. #teaserNo other thoughts - other than they are an energy company, not a car company
You should be able to contact your local dealership and do it (or ask). Porsche has been very customer friendly in my experiences.
New Posts  All Forums: