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Do you know the tax situation for out of state cars in Cali? I'm moving to your neck of the woods in a couple of days. One of my cars is a lease, the other is paid for outright - had to pay what we call the ad volerm tax, so lease, finance, or purchase outright, you pay the full tax up front.I'd hate to have to pay taxes again after the move. Obviously, I'll keep my GA plates for as long as I can ('I'm just a visitor') which also keeps me from getting front plate...
Interesting. Also, my Costco (Brookhaven, Atlanta, GA) will sell just the tires - dunno if the proximity to the Michelin NA headquarters in South Carolina helps. The alignment issue isn't important to me - some of the roads here are so terrible, one pothole and it might not matter. I have a separate set of people (Butler Tire) that do my alignment. I'm friendly with guys at both locations, and they work in my case. My tires can't be rotated and I don't keep cars long...
I was having lunch with my friend and we were bemoaning how we rarely see relatively rare cars in Atlanta. I don't mean Aventadors or 599s, but fairly limited production cars. Sure enough, on the drive back, I saw a Carrera GT and texted him and he said, 'oh yeah, I've seen that before, it's Ushers, I get my car serviced at the same place as him - there must be a hip hop event in midtown.' I'm thinking I'll see a lot more rare cars in Cali.
I'm on a huge infused bison burger kick. I toast wheat buns lightly and grate some cheese, and add something else random into the meat. No ketchup/mustard/toppings afterwards.
I don't know if you know this, but Costco has, by far, the best prices on decent tires (in my experience). They can even order the factory specific compound of a tire if you want to wait a few days. I initially got my Costco membership just for the tires. Also, on the brakes, if it's just the pads, that should be no issue.Enjoy in good health
I agree with w/a. Timing belt should be the only costly issue. On the cat, it might get pricey on install. You could just try taking it a friendly auto zone or something and see if you can make it the emissions place if the light doesn't come right back on. I'd guess you're closer to 500-750 bucks, even with a new gasket than 2k.
I think the markup more than makes up for shipping. Plus, free anything has great optics to a consumer.However, more to the point, this could offer benefits to the buyers and sellers.If I'm a buyer and see a car in some other state that is back by the 7 day thing, then maybe, I'm like, hey why not it's backed by something.If I'm a seller, I have an option of listing and having to wait around while 10 people take it for a ride and have to turnover the title, deal with...
I wonder how many of those Glassdoor reviews are fake. There isn't much in the way of curation on the site. I had never heard of them before the IT security stuff came up here - those reviews seem a bit sketchy.
If you think any version of the E9x M, other than the GTS is some sort of collectable, you're of your mind.
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