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In the suburban neighborhood where I grew up, one of the older men kept his entire early-1960s bachelor pad in his garage well into the 1980s. He had stored all of the furniture in the garage after getting married, but gradually reconstructed his old pad one step at a time, like a museum exhibit. He even installed carpeting and an air conditioner in the garage. When I was younger I thought it was kind of freaky, but I now think it was an extremely cool thing to do.
Here in Southern California, there are thousands -- maybe even millions -- of expats from Mexico. They came to the United States to broaden their horizons. There's one expat Mexican dude who pushes an ice cream cart through my neighborhood, selling fruit-flavored popsicles. He rings a bell while pushing the heavy cart through the middle of the street every afternoon. Kind of like the ice cream man of our childhoods, without the truck. The ice cream...
The Birth of the Republic by Edmund S. Morgan explains the origins of the American Revolution better than any other book that comes to mind, and at approx. 200 pages it's a quick but rewarding read. This book was originally published in the 1950s, and I think its reputation as a "classic" is well-deserved. American Colonies by Alan Taylor (already mentioned by another poster) is good. It's a beast of a book (more than 500 pages) but it focuses on many topics that...
Another healthy breakfast is a three-egg omelet filled with chorizo, Monterey jack cheese, tomatoes, onions, and peppers. A side order of tortillas (flour or corn) goes great with this omelet. I also recommend two or three bottles of Corona Extra, or any Mexican beer.
Quote: Originally Posted by life_interrupts It was also Simple Minds. Wang Chung "To Live and Die in LA" soundtrack One of my brothers is a big Wang Chung fan and he loves that soundtrack album. I thought the movie was OK, although I've never listened to Wang Chung and I'm not familiar with any of their songs.
"Trout Mask Replica" by Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band. I often saw it on those "Best Album of All Time" lists that are published in rock magazines, along with classic albums by the great old artists (Rolling Stones, Springsteen, Dylan, etc.), so I bought it. Well, it turned out to be one of the worst albums I've ever heard, a load of really bad "avant garde" nonsense. A fucking big waste of money.
Eggs aren't healthy unless they're served with a few strips of bacon, buttered toast, and a double order of hash browns. If you're concerned about getting enough Vitamin C, wash it all down with a bloody mary or a vodka & orange juice.
I would be a lot more likely to watch the original 1960s TV show then the more recent stuff. I like retro TV anyway, and I usually don't go for high-tech visual effects.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beta i think a lot of people do that...guy at the corner store asks me and my buddies why we drink natty when we can clearly afford not to...and the answer is that its simply what we drank in college and dont even think about it half the time. Ill get highlife every once in a while because it reminds me of two particular trips ive taken in my life, and i just have a fun association with it because of that. That's the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Beta friend of mines dad does that with natural light...says to think about the insane amount of money he has saved just drinking cheap beer instead of more expensive or liquor, etc. when i think about how much money i have spent drinking/out socializing etc. its a bit scary, and im not old at all. I don't mind ordering a more expensive beer when I'm at a restaurant or a bar, and I definitely won't be a cheapskate...
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