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Usually I kill a few Injuns and steal their firewater.
Hamilton Books has a big selection of new bargain books:
"The Conversation" is a great movie. Let's hope nobody tries for a remake -- in these days of Internet-speak, it would probably be retitled "The Convo".
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles guidette I like guidettes.
Broccoli. Never liked it, never will.
Quote: Originally Posted by samurai I feel your pain. There is a tug of war going on inside me between Samuel Johnson and Kim Kardashian. Not a pretty picture... I'm with ya, bro. For me, it's a struggle between Tolstoy and Jennifer Walcott. Tough choice.
I've recently been limiting my daily Internet time so I can maximize my reading time. I know that it's possible to do "serious reading" on the Internet, but most of my webtime is spent goofing around -- lurking forums and messageboards, looking at photos of naked chicks, and reading bar & restaurant reviews -- time which could be better spent reading something worthwhile. My self-imposed Internet rules are now 20 minutes per day to take care of serious things (e-mail,...
I could live without my cell phone for a week, or even a few months, possibly the rest of my life. Cellphones -- fuck 'em. Living without my PC for a week would be a real challenge. On the average I buy one item every week online (usually a book, DVD, or CD), and it would be hard to break the habit.
Best World War II game: First, buy some plastic toy weapons, preferably machine guns and pistols. Next, gather all your friends in someone's yard or a nearby vacant lot. Then, choose sides. (You'll need to flip a coin to see which team gets to be the U.S. Army, and which team gets stuck being the Germans or the Japanese). After that, the war begins! Keep playing until everyone's dead or until your Mom calls you in for dinner, whichever comes first.
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