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This is a serious thread, so I don't want to see any more of this skeptical cynical bullshit. Post your celebrity list, along with details. If not, there will be some major ass-kicking around here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Punisher O really? O yes!
I don't own this CD but I'm familiar with most of the tracks -- great stuff.
Name 'em, but only the ones that you would seriously have a chance to score with: Becki Newton -- could be done Julia Louis Dreyfus -- easy for me Alyssa Milano -- I don't like her tattoos, so it would have to be "hit it and quit it" Emily Procter -- it would take a lot of work, but I'm pretty sure I'd eventually hit the jackpot
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform maybe we can get her as an affiliate: Good idea!
I think Elizabeth Shue is OK, but I'll never forgive her for replacing Claudia Wells (pictured here with Michael J. Fox) in the "Back to the Future" movies. Claudia was one smokin' babe: And she still looks good for her age, especially in the rack department:
I would rather listen to Vin Scully by himself than any crew of commentators. Vin has become a little unfocused in recent years (occasionally getting a few players' names mixed up, maybe a little too talkative every once in a while) but I still think he's the best in the bizness.
Not sure if this qualifies, but I once opened up a big can of whup-ass on my teddy bear's head.
Quote: Originally Posted by gamelan +1. in LA, KKJZ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> KTWV. Thank God for KKJZ. Their programming is 100% solid, although I don't like their Saturday afternoon blues program. (I'm not a blues fan). Of course, KTWV is terrible. KTWV actually started out as a mellow "New Age" station with some smooth jazz in the playlist. Since then, they've phased out the New Age music and now play a mix of pop R&B (Earth Wind & Fire,...
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