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Quote: Originally Posted by Joseph K. Bank Did anyone else make English Muffin pizzas? I am not English but these were popular in my house growing up. Yes. In my house, it was English Muffins topped with my mom's homemade (leftover) spaghetti sauce, cheese, and spices, and baked in the oven. Great stuff, brings back good memories.
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint 1974 gibson L6s I haven't seen an L6s since I was a kid. Carlos Santana and Al DiMeola played and endorsed them, but they never really caught on.
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan Well, the cool thing about music is that it's partially subjective. I would rank probably six or seven Bruce albums ahead of it, but to each his own. I actually rank a few of Bruce's albums (BTR, Darkness, and the River) ahead of WIESS, but it's still pretty amazing -- especially Side Two -- Incident, Rosalita, and NYC Serenade.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower If you ever get to hear the 1974-03-09 Houston Lost Radio Show, it's very good - An in studio acoustic appearance of a pre-famous (at least in the south) Bruce with a few members of the band. Several nice reworkings of some of his songs from that era. He also laments at length about how the audiences in certain cities don't get the music. That's a great bootleg, especially Bruce's version of "Something...
My dad thought all frozen pizza sucked, and refused to buy it. So I never got a chance to eat frozen pizza until I was nine years old, after he passed away. The first brand I remember trying was Oh Boy, which I think was available only in Southern California. It tasted kind of like cardboard with a scoop of spaghetti sauce and a handful of mozzarella cheese on top, but I really dug it anyway because it was my first time.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Tara Reid Quote: Reese Witherspoon, Julia Stiles, Mandy Moore, Amy Adams I would put a lot of work into all these chicks, but I'd still come up empty -- broken-hearted and feeling like hell.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim No. Not a chance in hell.
Quote: Would you go to Mexico these days? Fuck no!
This album is a masterpiece. In my opinion, at least.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brogue I think I could score with Drew Barrymore. She has dated some real freaks, so I would probably fit somewhere in the bell curve. She is into the open, honest thing, so I would talk about adopting an animal from the pound, and as conversation progressed, make a paper airplane out of a napkin and throw it at her. She would not be sure whether to laugh or to look at me with disgust, but I would hold fast, and own...
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