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"Thunder Road" by Bruce Springsteen. I wouldn't call it "orgasmic", but it will always be my favorite song.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hellbound This is another thing that I think Chicago does right. Vienna beef on a steamed poppy seed bun, dragged through the garden with tomato, chopped onion, Mustard, lime green relish, sport peppers, kosher dill, and celery salt. Yum! Chicago dogs look very funky, but taste fuckin' delicious. Yessirree, Chicago dogs!
Go to a relative's or friend's house for a barbecue, drink some beer. Sit on lawnchairs in the yard watching a nearby fireworks show, drink some more beer.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff yes Rudy is such a powerhouse of an emotional film. you struggle with him throughout the whole movie through all his trials and such and he finally lives his dream. first time i saw this i literally was like jerking back my tears while shaking my fist, saying, "yes...yes...he did it ...he's the one..." at the ending scene, just like his brother was doing in the bleachers. wow what a movie. I agree. The...
In one hour I'll usually drink two beers. If it's light beer, I'll put away three.
I'm really even-tempered and relaxed, so I'm not a fidgeter. My sister's husband constantly fidgets, and one of my brothers is almost as bad. I always feel uneasy around people who fidget -- it's like they're giving off electrical energy that my body can't deal with.
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