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Al Pacino and Cat Stevens, when they were younger.
My niece is 29 years old, and she's still a dedicated hipster. I think she'll sell out when she gets tired of working two jobs to support her hipster boyfriend. He's the same age as her, and he describes himself as a "professional vinyl disc appraiser" -- in other words, he has a part-time job in a used record shop. Whenever I see him, the words that come to mind are "lazy slob". She finally decided to go back to college, and is taking a few courses this semester. ...
I occasionally burn CDs for my nephew and my sister's husband, and they sometimes burn copies for me. I've never done an illegal download, although I used to trade bootlegs. I have approx. 200 bootlegs of various rock artists, mostly good quality FM broadcasts and soundboard recordings.
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer I've been very happy with all the Bean sweaters I've purchased over the years. Bean offers so many styles and fabrics that you can find as many heavy sweaters for winter as you can light ones for the shoulder seasons. I would describe my build as athletic and on the slim side, and their stuff fits me well without being baggy. I have to admit, though, that most of my Beanwear is pretty old, so if they've...
The 25th Hour by David Benioff
Grant Green -- "Idle Moments" Also, some early Bruce Springsteen bootlegs from 1974.
My girlfriend likes the dark turtleneck-dark cord sportjacket-faded Levi's look, so I go with it as often as possible. I want to buy a few new turtleneck shirts to replace my old ones. I checked the L.L. Bean online catalog, where I found turtlenecks that meet my requirements: 100% cotton, long-sleeve, inexpensive price tags. But I've never bought any LLB products before, and I have some questions about the fit and appearance of their turtlenecks. Are they kind of...
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