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Quote: Originally Posted by wylesf Steak Cut garlic fries dipped in ranch dressing for the win! This sounds good...I'll definitely give it a try.
Two more: The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West. A classic novel about the Hollywood movie industry, viewed from the bottom up. Dark and thought-provoking, but definitely entertaining. The Spy Who Came In From The Cold by John LeCarre. I find most of LeCarre's novels slow-moving and dull, but this one is a quick exciting read. The plot is full of suspense and the themes (anti-Semitism, in particular) are still relevant.
I read the book first, and watched the movie a few years later. While I watched it, I was too busy telling myself "This is a big disappointment, the book is A LOT better" to really connect with the film. I'll watch it again soon, and give it another chance.
Quote: Originally Posted by quevola Ahhh....a nice Dodger dog with mustard. I've been eating Dodger Dogs since I was old enough to eat solid food. I even buy the large box in the frozen food section at Smart & Final, so I can make one for myself a couple times every month.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hellbound This is another thing that I think Chicago does right. Vienna beef on a steamed poppy seed bun, dragged through the garden with tomato, chopped onion, Mustard, lime green relish, sport peppers, kosher dill, and celery salt. Yum! I tried a Chicago dog last year and liked it a lot -- the celery salt was a killer touch.
Quote: Originally Posted by cheessus w/ thousand island That's a new one...I've never heard of anyone putting Thousand Islands on fries. But I'll probably give it a try someday -- I've tried fries with ranch dressing and with blue cheese dressing, and they were both OK.
These little bitches are addictive. I prefer 'em with salt or seasoned salt, no ketchup. I could eat french fries all day, with occasional breaks for pizza slices and beer. Sometimes I'm worried that I'll lose my self-control and end up dropping out of society just so I can sit in my bed, watch TV, and eat french fries by the bucket. Then I'll balloon up to 700 pounds, and a rescue crew will bulldoze my bedroom wall to remove me and take me to the...
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy "Beat Street" with Lorenzo Llamas, and "Teen Wolf Too" comes to mind. I always cut some slack for 1980s "teen" movies, because the filmmakers were aiming low -- they were only trying to make an unpretentious, entertaining movie for younger viewers. "Less Than Zero", on the other hand, was a pretentious failure. (Subject to disagreement, of course).
"Less Than Zero". Definitely the worst film of the 1980s, possibly the worst film of all time.
All of these books are approx. 200 pages or less, and (in my opinion) easy to read: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. I love this book. Shane by Jack Schaefer. This is often categorized as a "young adult" novel, but I think it's an incredibly mature study of good and evil in the Old West. Pretty damn entertaining, too. The Friends of Eddie Coyle by George V. Higgins. In my opinion, the most "literary" of all crime fiction novels. Very short,...
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