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Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 I have quite a temper like my father but I haven't been particularly upset over anything as of late. I had my father's hot temper when I was a kid, but fortunately lost it when I was a teenager.
I've never seen Steely Dan in concert although I own their '70s albums, along with "The Nightfly" and "Kamakiriad". The only one of their albums I'd like to see performed in its entirety is "Aja". For individual song requests, my picks would be "My Old School", "IGY", and "Tomorrow's Girls". The studio version of "Dr. Wu" is amazing -- Phil Woods makes it even better.
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Joints only make the show better. Your mistake was not starting from the beginning of an episode. Good advice!
Quote: Originally Posted by superman53 i never really watched the tv show or the movies, but i guess the new movie is for a more general audience to enjoy I wouldn't mind watching the show or the movies -- one of my cousins and one of my oldest friends are big fans, so I probably should give it a try. Without smoking a joint beforehand, of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik Whoops, thought you were talking about the DA of New York He's a Morgenthau, but from a different family. His father was FDR's Secretary of the Treasury.
Buying cheap beer. My dad always drank the cheapest brew he could find, and seriously did not give a fuck what anybody else thought about it or said about it. I went through my "beer snob" phase during the 1990s, when I drank only microbrews or expensive imports. After that I switched to classic American brews such as Miller High Life, Budweiser, and Rolling Rock. But in the past year I've been drinking two really cheap brands -- Hamm's and Old Milwaukee -- and...
My brother-in-law was a huge Sean Costello fan. He even has a framed photo of Sean on his wall, alongside pictures of Bloomfield, Clapton, etc. I didn't even know that he had died; I've seen my brother-in-law quite a few times in the past year, and he never mentioned it.
Seeing the two "Star Trek" threads on this forum reminded me that I've never watched an entire episode of the TV show, or any of the movies. I once watched a few minutes of an episode when I was in high school, after smoking a few joints with my friends. I channel-surfed into the show after it started, so I couldn't understand what was going on. All I remember was that a little space monster that looked like a potato pancake snuck up on Mr. Spock and stung him on...
I've never read anything by Morgenthau. My master's program (in history) focused on U.S. foreign relations, but my grad adviser didn't require me to read Morgenthau's stuff. George Kennan, William Appleman Williams, Akira Iriye, and John Gaddis, yes...but not Morgenthau. I came to suspect that my prof had a "beef" with political scientists and IR theorists, kind of like when Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. once said that political science is "a third-rate discipline". ...
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