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I watch TV, but I don't play video games.
Quote: Originally Posted by RyJ Maduro I'm not about to bring up the matter when discussing pastries. Come to think of it...I've been around for close to four decades, and I've never had an opportunity to discuss pastries. Maybe I need to re-prioritize my leisure time, in hopes of making room for pastry discussion.
Not much of a blues fan, but I'm a big fan of all three Kings. Freddie is my favorite. I learned how to play guitar by listening to his albums, and I also have a great childhood memory of seeing a poster advertising Freddie's concert at a local university.
Quote: Originally Posted by RyJ Maduro Patently erroneous. Maybe you're right. By the way, kid, I hope you give up your cigarette-smoking habit before it causes problems. Problems like the walnut-sized inoperable tumors that the doctor found in my mom's lungs, or my dad's middle-of-the-night fatal heart attack when he was in his early forties. Or my elderly next-door neighbor losing control of her bowels and vomiting green bile in her...
Quote: Is there anything more low class than a goatee? Smoking a cigarette always takes the gold medal in low-class style and behavior. All other things are a very distant second.
"The Sweet Smell of Success", from the late 1950s. An Elmer Bernstein score, with some jazz performances by the Chico Hamilton Quintet.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackplatano You should add Clifford Brown, Booker little and Woody Shaw. I have Woody Shaw on Larry Young's "Unity", and Booker Little on a Frank Strozier album. I don't own any recordings with Clifford Brown, although I'm aware of his great reputation.
I like Miles Davis but there's quite a few trumpet players I listen to much more often. Freddie Hubbard, Kenny Dorham, Dizzy, Lee Morgan, and Chet Baker all spend more time in my CD player than Miles does.
The first time I saw Caster Semenya, I thought she was Lamar Latrell from the "Revenge of the Nerds" movie.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur I mean she has it all on paper, right? Yet absolutely no sex appeal. Zero. Seems kind of awkward and pathetic and annoying. Weird. You're right -- she seems awkward, pathetic, neurotic, almost completely unsexy. Despite all that, or maybe because of all that, I think she's incredibly attractive, and she's very high on my "celebrity dream fuck" list.
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