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Anyone have the Napoli Light Grey Faux Uni? Does anyone know if it's a heavy cloth, or more light weight? I'm in a wedding this summer and the bride has requested we wear medium to light grey suits. Tried the light grey napoli but didn't like the stripes of the cloth. Tried the Havana grey but wasn't crazy on the fit, but the cloth was a nice light weight. Would have been great for summer if the fit was right.
Sounds like my dog. She loves food. Half the time if you say "treats" or "dogfood" her ears perk up and she runs to the kitchen where we keep her treats and food. We've been doing the clicker training and it seems to be working well. It just takes a lot of repetitions before she will seem to learn a behavior.She is really not a fan of hot weather. Thankfully for her it doesn't get too hot here so she can go walk most days in the summer in the middle of the day. She...
My greyhound Sadie. She's five years old and we've had her for about six months. She's a great dog. Content to sleep most of the day, but gets super excited when I pull the leash out for a walk. She also loves to greet me in the morning by running in circles and grabbing and shaking every toy she can get her jaws on. Not the most obedient dog, but we're still working on that. At least she hasn't tried to eat the cats.
Red Wing Iron Ranger in Amber Harness size 10EE with Original Box. Worn a couple times for about 5ish hours total wear. One coat of Obenauf's LP applied. Still in almost new condition. Decided they aren't really my thing. 125 shipped CONUS.
Dark Charcoal RLBL Anthony Suit 42R. Bought in new '09, I have worn it a few times since then. Still in great shape. Don't wear suits much anymore so I'm culling my closet. Measurements: Sleeves: 25" altered to that length by local tailor. Inseam: 32" with a 1.25" cuff Jacket Length: 30.5" Shoulders: 19" Waist was taken in to ~ 34" (17" laid flat x 2). Seat was taken in some along with the waist by local tailor. Can provide additional pictures or measurements on...
Looking for a solid navy PRL suit in size 42. L or R would work but prefer L.
Arg! Why did you have to run out of the 34 Hoyt right as I ordered them! I wish you guys would stock more soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman I've felt stressed out recently and using alcohol as an excuse to soften those feelings - which meant I was drinking for the sole purpose of getting tipsy or drunk. That seems to me like an early sign of alcoholism and that's a really scary thought. I'm not giving up alcohol completely, but will likely just stick to wine and beer and do so in much greater moderation. That's exactly how I've been feeling. A...
Anyone have some good recommendations for Sonoma County? I grew up in Graton, 10 miles or so outside of Sebastopol, and my parents are still there, so I end up there at least a few times a year. I have a few favorite places that I like to go when I'm there, but I was looking for something new to try. Any recommendations, from fancy to dives, would be awesome.
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