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Hi everyone. I recently got my first pair of Allen edmonds and want to take better care of those than my old Rockports. I've usually shined my shoes using a tin of Kiwi and an assortment of old t-shirts and bath towels. Is investing in a chamois cloth worth the cost or can I get comparable results without spending a dime? Thanks
quick question: what does HOF stand for?
+350 = 92320
Hi. I picked up a nice wool suit from Goodwill. It fit pretty well but cut too baggy for my taste. I've looked through forum posts, online reviews, etc. and narrowed my choices down to Sam Hart, Paris Tailors, and South Lake tailors. Anyone here have any experience with any of them? If not, any suggestions in the SGV area would be appreciated. Thanks!
Hello all, I am scaling back in my wardrobe and I have these J. Crew shirts in great condition. I can provide references as a seller on eBay and elsewhere as well as more information about the shirts I am selling. Prices include shipping to anywhere in the US. All of them are small and long sleeved unless otherwise indicated. Green/blue plaid shirt - $13 Navy madras - $19 Light blue/pink/orange madras - $19 Purple gingham. slim fit - $22 Light blue Irish linen...
Hi. I recently got a job where I have to wear a suit basically every day. I've decided to invest in a garment brush. Here's my question: For a wool suit, how stiff should the bristles be? I have one that is made of "real bristles" and is as stiff as a new shoebrush. I also have one that is pretty soft, made of horsehair (probably synthetic) but that feels too soft.
Hi. I recently bought two new suits and started a job where I wear them every day. I bought this brush and the bristles seem too stiff. For wool suits, should I opt for a softer brush? I heard that horsehair should be softer than boar bristle, which is what seems to be used in the Kent...
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Need a short haircut. What kind of haircut do I ask for if I want a haircut similar to Jason Bourne? A long-ish crew cut? How should I specify the lengths?
Hi. Here are my questions 1. What is my face shape? I am thinking maybe oblong or rectangular 2. Since my face is longer than it is wide, some online guides said that i should go for a style with bangs (as to reduce the visible length of my face) or something that adds width. What are some haircuts that achieve any of those things? 2. I am thinking about getting a short haircut, similar to what Matt Damon has. If I go to a barbershop, how should I describe it as? A...
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