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Or where I come from, it's called pretentious.
Well, then, the answer is easy. Take a good long swig or draw and another breath or two. Repeat.
You seem to be easily unhinged.
Antique problem? I have no idea of what that means. Wearing pants outdoors is foppish? Avant garde? Okay, so this is a joke, right?Rob
I know it may cause some sf hearts to skip a beat, but I think there is good reason why there is only one person I know of that dictates the foo fold: It's contrived. I've never seen anyone who anybody would consider a style icon use anything like a foo fold. Why should we? Okay, shoot me. Rob
I've held to solids on the the bespoke items so far and will add some patterns once I feel like I've got a good base to work with.I do like the idea of having a stroller at some point. Are you going to wear the stroller during the work week or just for weddings, Easter and such?RobRob
Better yet. Have one made.Rob
I find the mid-weights pretty versatile. I only have a short walk from house to garage and parking lot to office. Once there, it's comfortable. I might lean to adding some summer weight/fabrics since the muggy midwest summers are the thing I dread most. If I after time, I have 20 suite, perhaps half mid-weight, and the rest split between winter and summer weights. Thanks.
I have been dumping my RTW and converting to bespoke over the past year or so , so the ten suit wardrobe has been on my mind. But rather than just a top ten, I plan on buying an average of 4 bespoke items per year for the next ten years or so (and I'm ahead of schedule). That's 40 items. Seems like a lot but it adds up quickly. Obviously, it won't all be suits but hopefully a well thought out, full service wardrobe that works in any situation that comes up. So, I...
From all that I've read here, it seems the experience is much different with Joe vs. the tailor I met with. Im happy with the change I've made.
New Posts  All Forums: