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Yes. At least those that look good.
Well, I have to admit I endorse the article, only because it is the only written source I've seen that says I am not overspending for suits. Indeed - better yet - I may be actually be underspending. Surprised the clothing obsessed such as myself wouldn't be more welcoming to articles such as this. Rob, whose frivolity if not vanity may now be justified
Nice to have you back, PSG. Rob
I would just put a bullet in my head.
Well, I have a less scientific but nonetheless reliable method. It only takes a few easy steps: 1. Put said suit on. 2. Head out to the nearest nightclub. 3. Have a drink or two. 4. When the club is rocking, hit the head. 5. After hitting the head, move to the sink. 6. Look in the mirror. 7. Look to your left. 8. Now right. 9. If you have the strong sense of being able to kick the ass of anyone who happens to be standing next to you, you are indeed wearing...
Today I attended a lunch where the CEO of AE was the featured speaker. I was wearing not AE but EG, of course. Anyway, great story of how they have repositioned the company after they took a double whammy of blindly following Nordstrom's to become more fashion forward at the same time the economy tanked. A couple of highlights. First, how they blindly followed Nordstrom's lead and how it alienated their base customer. Second, he doesn't view Alden and similar...
They don't make unfused collars. Rob
After 20 or so shirts I have come to the same conclusion, but mainly because of the collars -fused and shrinking too much - not accounting for a dropped shoulder.
The guy blogging on Grantland has suggested that the use of "Crystal Blue" is a sign that we won't see Walt cook again just because it is the perfect song.
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