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Interesting. Ugly. Rob
No need for lapels to be midnight blue.
I'm going back 30 years ago or so but Kuhn doesn't talk about knowledge broadly or scientific knowledge in relation to other types of knowledge, at least not directly. Rather he discussed the different paradigms of scientific knowledge (or belief) and how it doesn't grow from one foundation adding brick by brick. Instead, scientific develops by knocking the whole building down and starting again.Others more in tune are free to correct me.Rob
Small blade over large blade.
Given how few good tailors there are, I feel fortunate to live just 90 miles away. Rob
Try as I might, I can't get him to move closer. Rob
Well, at least I think so. My tailor drives 90 miles in 70 minutes to hand deliver a tux and topcoat, so I could wear them for the evening. Rob
preemptive strike.
Or where I come from, it's called pretentious.
Well, then, the answer is easy. Take a good long swig or draw and another breath or two. Repeat.
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