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I think it looks like a very traditional tux. Peaked lapels, satin facings, covered buttons, besom pockets. Don't follow DJ's comments regarding the color (black on my screen) or silhouette. That said, with that budget, I would go with a bespoke option. Rob
While all the posts here are not elegant, I would cut some slack (or not) based on a distinction on the types of less than elegant posters. That distinction would be those who post to genuinely learn vs. those who post to seek constant approval. That latter gets annoying.I will now go back to lurking.Rob
You're exhausting.
Nice summary. Rob
I would consider it grounds for dismissal. I invite employees to charity events and would be insulted if someone wanted to stick me with a tux rental. How about babysitters, cab fare, tips, etc? Why not submit that? Hope he's really good at his job because he lacks some pretty basic social intelligence. Rob
I'm thinking we need that coat thread, yes? Rob
Yes, please do. I just spent a large amount of time reviewing what has been posted and the closest to a comprehensive thread is one started by Manton when he was looking to make one up. I also fruitlessly spent hours trying to find a pic of a Rubinacci that Isillismatt had made. I just ordered one last week and may be willing to post my first pic.Rob
The tie is to be black and black alone. Hence, the black tie name. Rob
I think the best way is to have Rave Cleaners in Phoenix do it; however, I think it best to drive it their in person. The pain of the trip to Phoenix should be counter-balanced by the knowledge you and only you are keeping track of the clothing during transit. Rob
Whenever I see a thread like this by someone with a very low post count, I just assume it's a Vox sock puppet and consequently more entertaining to read. Thanks. Rob
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