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That sort of thinking is what led to Western wear.Rob
I have ordered from Sam Hober and will order more from that site. I have also ordered a number of ties from A Suitable Wardrobe, mostly Drakes. I have one tie from Kent Wang. Those are just a few that you find what you like. Rob
K, I sent you a pm with Chris' email address. I know he will respond to that much more quickly. Rob
I've used Allen Edmonds large shoe trees on the 89 last for the past 3 or 4 years. No problem with the shoes; they look and have worn just fine. Rob
I hope it isn't true; I'm sitting in one right now. Rob
"It’s said he is a true artist and will charge you a price befitting your character. If you are judged a truly dishonest man (the worst thing a man can be), Ambrosi will make you wait years before finally presenting you with the trouser he’s made, then let you touch and feel them, so that you are absolutely convinced a finer pair of trousers does not exist in the world and never could, before suddenly ripping them from your hands and cutting them to shreds with his...
Could be a few other things such as patch pockets, edge stitching in addition to the items mentioned above. Basically, anything that would make it less formal than what you would expect in a basic business suit.
Nothing wrong with the collar you linked from Modern Tailor.
I have a navy hopsack suit, made last fall, and it is a great suit. Liked it so much I had a lighter gray one made as well. As pants, they work well. My tailor initially recommended as light gray trousers to go with a blazer. From there, I was easily convinced to use the navy hopsack and lighter gray for a suit. I think it is made up by Holland and Sherry but that book is no longer being made. I don't recall the specific book but I can track it down if you like. Rob
i assume you like the tie. Rob
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