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Nothing wrong with the collar you linked from Modern Tailor.
I have a navy hopsack suit, made last fall, and it is a great suit. Liked it so much I had a lighter gray one made as well. As pants, they work well. My tailor initially recommended as light gray trousers to go with a blazer. From there, I was easily convinced to use the navy hopsack and lighter gray for a suit. I think it is made up by Holland and Sherry but that book is no longer being made. I don't recall the specific book but I can track it down if you like. Rob
i assume you like the tie. Rob
The company that makes these is just a few blocks from my office. After I saw the product offering, I never bothered to walk up the stairs to take an in person look.Rob
Interesting. Ugly. Rob
No need for lapels to be midnight blue.
I'm going back 30 years ago or so but Kuhn doesn't talk about knowledge broadly or scientific knowledge in relation to other types of knowledge, at least not directly. Rather he discussed the different paradigms of scientific knowledge (or belief) and how it doesn't grow from one foundation adding brick by brick. Instead, scientific develops by knocking the whole building down and starting again.Others more in tune are free to correct me.Rob
Small blade over large blade.
Given how few good tailors there are, I feel fortunate to live just 90 miles away. Rob
Try as I might, I can't get him to move closer. Rob
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