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Height- 6'2" Weight - 220 lbs Build - dolphin Suit - don't know Shirt - don't know Pants- 38" plus* Rob *plus lunch
Why not make it a midnight blue double breasted?
Cool. I love paying full retail and thumbing it in the nose of Ricky dink online retailers.Rob
It is the way tailors address one shoulder that drops lower than the other. Split in the back or wrinkles and folds over one shoulder. Pick your poison.Rob
Knwl, I encourage you to plan on meeting and using Chris at some point. However, fair warning, once you go there you will automatically increase your clothing budget. He has that effect. Rob
On the front facing shots, the balance is off on both. The lower hem on the viewers right is way lower than the one on the left. That probably has more to do with your shoulders and may be an issue on any jacket you have. The tailors around here should be able to weigh in on how difficult that change is. Good luck. Rob
The linen Will wears and is posted above is the counterpoint to street wear and looks nothing like a characture.Rob
I will go out on a limb and say light blue. Rob
I think some of the obsession with showy details derives from insecurity: If I've paid so much for this bespoke item, I damn well want something that announces it. I admit to having to fight that urge at times.One caveat. I don't think this applies to Foo at all, as I've not seen even the tiniest bit of insecurity in him.Rob
An accusation I have learned to live with.Rob
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