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Given how few good tailors there are, I feel fortunate to live just 90 miles away. Rob
Try as I might, I can't get him to move closer. Rob
Well, at least I think so. My tailor drives 90 miles in 70 minutes to hand deliver a tux and topcoat, so I could wear them for the evening. Rob
preemptive strike.
Or where I come from, it's called pretentious.
Well, then, the answer is easy. Take a good long swig or draw and another breath or two. Repeat.
You seem to be easily unhinged.
Antique problem? I have no idea of what that means. Wearing pants outdoors is foppish? Avant garde? Okay, so this is a joke, right?Rob
I know it may cause some sf hearts to skip a beat, but I think there is good reason why there is only one person I know of that dictates the foo fold: It's contrived. I've never seen anyone who anybody would consider a style icon use anything like a foo fold. Why should we? Okay, shoot me. Rob
I've held to solids on the the bespoke items so far and will add some patterns once I feel like I've got a good base to work with.I do like the idea of having a stroller at some point. Are you going to wear the stroller during the work week or just for weddings, Easter and such?RobRob
New Posts  All Forums: